Gorilla Gadgets ST7 Soft Touch Dream Light

The description says “Use it as a Night Light”. I need a clarification on this.
I’ve bought a light very similar to this one but by a different brand, and the problem with it was that there was a small glow that constantly came from it. So if you’re actually a Light Sensitive sleeper (I am) it had a constant glow whether on or off. Like enough to cast a shadow on the walls once your eyes adjusted, so the room never got pitch black.
Does anyone have experience with these to confirm this IS or IS NOT the case with this one? Or would the manufacturer have a statement on this?
(I would consider finding this glow grounds for return if I purchased given the impression my room could be completely dark without it on.)
I will say the similar lamp I bought, the other features (i.e. touch, color change) were very neat and I liked those, just didn’t work in the bedroom for me if the above problem persists.

The device doesn’t emit any light when it is off.