Gosford Australian Reserve Shiraz (6)

Gosford Australian Reserve Shiraz 6-Pack
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2014 Gosford Reserve Shiraz, South Eastern Australia
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Has International Saturday returned as International Sunday?

Low AbV, fairly low pH, but comments on a hot year have me wondering if some of the sugars may have bumped the RS on this.
What was harvest brix?

Wine on Thursday and now this. We’re just screwin’ with your minds, aren’t we?

I would guess its closer to the wine.woot blitzkrieg! SELL ALL THE WINE!!!

It’s all this lunar stuff going on…

x-post speaking of…
Candidates for Blood Moon Eclipse viewing WOTN?



Nothing but clouds in Ohio…

I started off with a 2010 Groth cab…and this morning find I pretty much finished a 2010 Groth cab.