GoSun Go Portable Solar Oven

GoSun Go Portable Solar Oven

If only the people that go on Naked And Afraid had known about this! It’s a way better pick than duct tape!


Oh, wow. This looks so easy to use. (and clean)

I bought an older go sun a few years back that I use every now and then. It does get surprisingly hot surprisingly fast in direct sunlight and gets pretty hot when its cloudy out. It is pretty easy to clean and set up and I’m debating on purchasing this one since it looks like it can handle being taken out a lot better (and it can handle water).

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Out of curiosity, what do you use it for?

How often do I have to change the solar power source?


On its face, this seems very cool. And I’m borderline prepper, so I almost jumped on GP alone.

But the question I keep coming back to is, what makes this any better than a small, portable grill ($15) and a $2 fire starter?


It seems as though my (very) slightly larger setup can do anything this can, better, with far more surface area - everyone eats at once.

I’ve got several life straws for dubious water anywhere in the world. But if necessary/preferred, I could boil a lot more at once on the surface of a small grill, than the single cup of this thing, with even a small pot or bowl.

I want to get the gist. And I do think it’s cool, in concept. But man, I just can’t reconcile the cost for something essentially attempting to reinvent the wheel.

I suppose this is useful when you have run out of all energy sources for your grill - unless your grill is solar powered.

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Unless you’re in the desert or arctic, there’s always fuel.

Hiking, backpacking or for ninjas. Don’t have to worry about gathering or carrying fuel to burn. Much less to carry which allows for stealth.

This isn’t really for family style cooking, unless it’s hot dogs. I believe you can fit a few hot dogs in at once. At the same time, ninjas are pretty rare so a family of ninjas has got to be ultra rare. Not sure families with kids are more concerned with low profile, light weight and stealth as they are about convenience and speed- especially when it comes to dinner!


Are we going to be on a combat mission, or literally on the Naked and Afraid show, as mentioned above? :thinking:

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Be careful if you’re checking reviews on Amazon – the good reviews sound entirely like fake reviews and, according to fakespot.com review checker, they are and they get a D. Many of the honest sounding reviews generally rate this poorly.


One of the reviewers went on a several month backpacking tour across Europe. He said something along the lines of he used the oven often and it was a great ice breaker when dealing with strangers.

I see this more for 1 or 2 people. And I’m thinking about hiking in particular. I’d like to have one of these for myself or make my kid take it with them just in case they got lost. It can be hard to start a fire with an injury or if dehydrated. Which now makes me think of potential use on boat.

Edit: I’m not familiar with solar cooking but this site was rather helpful explaining the different kinds and their best uses:

I’ve also come to the conclusion that unless you DIY it, they are expensive and also take up a lot of space. So I can see how this tiny unit is ideal for travel. And I would definitely want one on a boat in the middle of the ocean.

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I get it. That’s certainly reasonable. I simply question the scope/volume of demographic for which this would be a better solution, than a $20-30 kit that would take up only slightly more space.

And my setup allows for an entire meal to cook at once (even if in rotation).

This sucker’s just about the size of a shoe box, has 10x the cooking area, and can be found even cheaper at lot and big box stores.


Furthermore, when not in use, it can be used for storage of other essentials, making it arguably even more space saving than the solar.

Again, I love tech - but just don’t see it.

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I thought this negative review was interesting: I was broken down by the side of the road in the hot Arizona summer where it gets over 99 degrees Fahrenheit. All I wanted to do was boil some water for a cup of noodles soup, and I left it out there for hours during the day and it didn’t even get the water lukewarm hot.

I’m not sure how anything can stay lukewarm during an Arizona summer. That’s exactly the fry an egg on the sidewalk scenario. They could’ve cooked cup of noodles in the cup in that heat. I also think the Kickstarter pre-production models may have had some issues.

I say that just to play devils advocate. This thing costs too much compared to * (non solar) alternatives. But I like the idea.


Cooking ya dingus! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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We need a “What I love about Woot,” forum, bc this is what I love - you can always find interesting banter, lively debate, straight to the point reviews and silly nonsense.


Nightmares Nooooooo

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You don’t waste the calories gathering fuel splitting it into small stuff and lugging around a grill.

Yeah, I know an alcohol/rocket stove is better for the bugout but when you finally do set up camp that 100 calories would be better off spent elsewhere.

Prepping is all about the calories. You don’t want to burn more than you take in and every savings helps. exhaustion is your enemy.

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I think for the most part, it’s more of an emergency use if anything else. I agree there are other ways to cook. Even duel fuel Propane/Butane Stoves are nice to have on hand and you can do a lot of cooking with one can of butane. If one lived where the sun shined more then not, the solar “oven” is a nice to have but I wouldn’t depend on it. But nothing takes the place of some good ole wood and fire starter.

Besides, it’s not “tactical” so I’m out.

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