Got a quick question.


What time zone is woot on? I want to know so I can know what time here where I live they release new shirts, and so I can get one of these sweet Camisa de los Muertos shirt.


central standard time


Central time zone.
Midnight for them, 1 AM in the east, 11 PM Mountain,
10 PM PST.


Bah, Zea, you beat me to it!!


Dang, now I gotta stay up till 1 am. >=(

Thanks a lot.


Yeah, it bites.
I feel your pain.


I want everybody to stay up until 1:00.


This one.


Yeah but part of stupid el paso is in mountain. Always hated playing there six hour drive on the bus and then we don’t play until 19:00 their time or 20:00 ours. Made for really late nights…but no one really cares and I don’t know why I went through that whole story. Here look at this map instead of my ramblings


I wonder how many of the post whores are on the east coast just killing time until the new woot is posted.


How can it be 12:00AM on Alaska Standard time and 11:00AM on Aleutian Standard time?!? I really think that should read 12:00PM. I think you should yell at your source, v8r. :omg: :slight_smile:


and it’s not even to scale!


Yeah! Get 'em for that too! :angry:



That would be me, minus the posting. I re-beat old Nintendo games instead.


Great job, man. Look at the last post’s date before posting next time.