Got any good T-Shirt Ideas?


I’m looking to make some “funny” t-shirts. I figured you delinquents could help. Got any ideas?

Something edgy, offensive, hilarious, or even something so offensive that its not funny at all.

whatcha got?


What’s in it for us?




how 'bout the emperors new suit?


What’s in it for you?


Uh, good luck with that.

On a related note, the Woot Photochoppers Guild is working on opening a shop to sell T-shirts of our contest entries, one in which the author of the photochop will get the bulk of the profit.


Wouldn’t you make more $$$ if you put something good on the T-shirt?

/* runs away */


you are


Good luck getting animated .gifs to work on those T-shirts.


just hang one of those digital picture frames on there- a sort of chopper bling.


feel free to donate something.

not that we’d use it. ;^)


hmmmm, one of his darewear shirts is offly familiar…


Uh, anything ever come from this, Jos?


Hmm. The cake is a liar? Yeah.


not really. Too much concern about copyright issues, conflict of interest with etc. many of the choppers disappeared that were interested.


Pity. Some of the more unique chops could have been great shirts, but we’d need full-color printing for many of them. Copyright shouldn’t be an issue if it’s considered a parody…


I agree, this one would have been a truly phenomenal shirt: