Got any Grapes?

Got any Grapes?

Aww, the chickie is cute! What’s the story I’m missing behind the grapes?


You could spout theories here.


I do, my muscadines are ripe and I have not decided if I am gonna make jelly or juice.

With your toes?

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Ah it’s working.

It’s a line from a pretty funny joke.

There’s 3 minutes of my life I’m never getting back :rofl:

One of the kids of a sister of mine was obsessed with the song when they were younger.

I spent whole hours of accumulated time on the song.

If the shirt graphic actually looked like the duck from the video i would have to buy a few of these- my hubby, daughter, and i have laughed over that video and made jokes about it so many times! But the shirt looks like a chick, not even a duck!


I think I’m going to waddle away from this …

Walking GIF

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fair enough- i did not want to just copy the exact art style from the video so did a stylized baby duck