Got Golf Balls?

The recycled balls are so-so. About half of mine had significant cart path rash, and I wasnt very impressed. The Bridgestones are supposed to be mixed B330 Tours, which means they should be either
B330 (professional swing speed >105mph)
B330-S (professional swing speed >105mph)
B330-RX (amateur swing speed <105mph)
B330-RXS (amateur swing speed <105mph)

I only received the B330-RX, and they all seemed to be the 2011 versions with maybe 1 ball in the dozen being a more recent year. I thought I was going to get a mix dozen each time, instead they were all the same. I can see how this would be a good thing if you prefer a certain ball, but in all honesty I purchased them so I could try out all the different types, instead I only got the B330-RX. My driver swing speed is usually around 130mph.

Crappy Recycled balls but they are 1/4 of the price of new ones…

Got mine in and the quality was sketchy at best. Of the dozen in the box, half look to be quality recycles, 3-4 looks like they’d visited a cart or parking lot once or twice, and two look like they’d been soaking in coffee for a week before being polished and boxed - nice and light brown.

I know Reloads are a bit of a crapshoot at times, but this latest order was the worst lot ever.