Got Wood?

Liked the one plate they sent…BUT I bought and paid for FOUR of them! C,mon woot. get it right!

Looks like your order is coming from a couple different places so give it a few more days. This is really only the first business day.

Hi ThunderThighs,
actually this happened to me too last time, and I never got the rest of the order.

The shipment came for me yesterday as well, and I only got 1 of the small bowls and 1 of of square serving trays. The shipping slips do not really indicate that the order is for a set of 4 each, which is where I’m sure the confusion is coming from. I’ll be reaching out to customer service on this one, and encourage others to do so as well.

Thank you for the info. Absolutely contact customer service so they can help you.

Hi ThunderThighs…

I ordered the “FOUR” Wooden Plates back on May 8th.
When my order arrived there was only one plate.
I contacted customer service and they said they would reship my order, which they did. Great!
I received one plate again!
This time I checked the packing slip, and it states that it is a “Serving Tray”.
I took a photo of the packing slip and attached it with yet another cry for help to customer service to please complete my order, and explained the problem to them. I suggested that maybe they could send me two of the orders,(since I’m only getting one plate at a time), and was told once again that my order would be reshipped.
It was, and guess what?
Only ONE plate again!
I’m so frustrated, putting it mildly at this point, that I haven’t even bothered to contact customer service about this “Problem”.
Although I probably should, since I’m only One plate away to finally completing my order.
And to add salt to the wound, I see you’ve now reduced the price to $29.99, and I paid $50.00 back in May.
As you can see, this has turned out to be a quest.
One last comment.
I honestly don’t believe actual human beings review the emails. Because if they did, this problem hopefully would have been corrected a long time ago.

I just have to say I am confused by the salad bowl on stand…just not sure why I’d need a stand for a bowl of salad… :stuck_out_tongue:

I have never seen such a thing nor can I think of a single situation where you are serving 4 people & prefer your bowl to be placed on a stand versus the table.

Just an observation.

It’s what all the cool people are doing… maybe. :tongue:

Yup, same problem here. Time to contact customer service. sigh

Ok, I see enough of you now with the 1 plate instead of 4 plates. After some research, it looks like all of your orders came from the same warehouse. I’ve asked the folks here if they can do an inventory check at that warehouse to see if they split those plates on us. Sigh.

If you’re having the same issue, email


UPDATE: We did an inventory check and sure enough, they were one plate sets. They were marked with the wrong UPC from the vendor. Feel free to email for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.