Gotham Steel 10pc Non-Stick Cookware Set

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Gotham Steel 10pc Non-Stick Cookware Set
Price: $84.99
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As Seen On TV

Will superglue stick to the non-stick pans?

Got these for the same price during the Primo Woot off.

Very nice set! Haven’t used them a ton yet but they work as advertised with everything either sliding right off the pans or wiping clean with barely any effort. Used the big pot the other night and after an hour under medium heat the bottom wasn’t scorched or discolored. You can use metal utensils - forks. tongs, etc. - and they won’t scratch the inner surface of the pans.

Handles are metal so they get a bit hot but that’s not a big deal to me. Instructions I saw elsewhere said not to use butter or cooking spray with these pans, didn’t see that mentioned here.

Overall they are pretty great for this price! I’m not a huge chef though and had my set barely a week so time will tell I guess if they stay this nice.

I have this. Fried eggs cooked well and slid right off onto the plate. Pancakes are a dream to make on this! No oil and do not stick.

I honestly don’t know much about these pans, but the reviews at places like are not kind. I hit a couple other review sites, and it seems to be a common thread. One limitation I did see was that you apparently can’t use these with electric stovetops, because the titanium conducts heat too quickly and it’d trigger a shutdown of the burner.

I guess all I can contribute, aside from a link from a BUNCH of people who say these things are garbage (including Amazon reviews), is the old adage about getting what you pay for. There are reasons why All-Clads and Vikings are $100+ per pan. And don’t come with an arbitration agreement in the box.

I have at least have amassed a dozen or so frying pans in my quest to find an affordable, functional and healthy pan. I stopped looking after I found my Gotham Steel pan.

Yes, there are some bad reviews on almost anything you look up. Heck, there are bad reviews of bad reviews.

My personal experience after my personal search is that this is a very good product. It works as advertised when used intelligently.

I am in for a set - with great enthusiasm!

Scratch that - I am in for 3. One for me, two for gifts for some lucky friends.

I already have the Titanium frying pan and love it. I just ordered two of these, one for myself, and one for my nephew who loves to cook. He recently used my frying pan and loved it. The eggs literally slid out of the pan. These make cooking and clean up so much easier.

Probably not

For the people that have stated they do have these, I’m curious why so many other reviews say they are “garbage”? I noticed a lot of the people that refute the bad reviews claim people were using them wrong, in particular, they said people weren’t seasoning them properly. Any input on this?

I’m always skeptical about how good a product can be from an infomerical that is on at 3am.

Run as fast as you can! Everything sticks to this stuff. If you buy through woot you can’t return it.

I would rather spend time cooking with and using quality pots and pans that SAFE with no coatings that wear off and impart chemicals and particles onto the food. Everybody is so concerned about easy cleanup that they don’t take into account any health concerns that might be lurking in their cheaply made non stick cookware. I would rather spend an extra 30 seconds cleaning up a pan then deal with possible chemical and particulate poisoning from some cheaply made and untested cooking surfaces…

Do you mean it can’t be used with induction stove tops? That would be because there is no ferromagnetic metal in the construction. Most likely an aluminum base. Titanium is not magnetic and not a great heat conductor.

If you mean it can’t be used with and electric resistive coil, then I would guess you have faulty info. Copper and aluminum are used all the time in pans and pots. I have never had a aluminum or copper pan/pot conduct heat too fast and shut down a burner.

I don’t have the Gotham Steel pan, but I have a similar ceramic pan from a different company. It came with instructions to season it the same way you would cast iron.

Once I did that, it has worked the same way the gotham steel infomercial does.

Not sure if the instructions for these pans include seasoning them or not, but I would recommend it myself.

Confucius say no


You know for a fact that these:
1.) Are unsafe?
2.) Made with a coating that wears off?
3.) Leech chemicals into your food?
4.) Are cheaply made?
5.) Are untested?

I think most would have to agree that these are some really slanderous claims, from someone who seemingly may not have ever even used this cookware…

I would guess that these pans are made in China. If so, the answer to questions 1-5 would definitely be yes.

I picked up one of the fry pans for sale at WallyWorld and felt it was just another cheap aluminum pan with a new inner coating. I put it back down and did not buy.
In my experience, cheap aluminum pans always end up warped and unusable due to hot spots.