Gotham Steel 12pc Non-Stick Cookware Set

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Gotham Steel 12pc Non-Stick Cookware Set
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12/5/2016 - $84.99 - Click To See Discussion (6 comments)

Bought a 3 piece set in Dec. from Woot. Glad I only got 3. They should drop the “non” from the description of these pans. Even with oil or butter in the pan things find a way of sticking…especially eggs. Do yourself a favor and don’t waste your money on these. You’ll thank me in the morning…every morning you’re not having to cook breakfast in these pans.

Thanks for that!!! The ads make them sound so great and I definitely want to get away from Teflon. Guess I will try something else.

I guess the bigger the pitch the larger the crap? Although, Oxyclean really does work!

I second what CooperDude said. My pans weren’t from Woot, but they had the same coating, and they were terrible. The coating seems to be porous or something, so food not only stick while cooking but is hard to remove when washing. Awful. Mostly using cast iron now, and while slow to heat and cool, it cooks and cleans wonderfully.

First I bought 3-frying pans set off Woot, then this set. I passed surplus 2 frying pans to my mother, who absolutely loved them. Her exact [translated] words: “Awesome pans! You don’t even have to wash them after cooking, you just wipe them and they are clean!”
(I am sure she washes them, though. ) Anyway, I’ve had the pans for 3 months and there is nothing wrong with them, nothing sticks, easily washed in the dishwasher. The instructions specifically warn not to use spray-on butter, so that might be the problem for people who have a bad experience with this set.

I’m shocked to see people saying these pans aren’t great. First, I got two (the square ones). Then I got another. Then a set. Then the stovetop grill and then the oven “fryer”. These are fabulous. The large fry pan is better than the $150.00 top brand name one I have (which I’m going to throw out - it’s not even worth giving away). Every single one I’ve gotten is excellent.

I’ve had this set for almost a year and I love them. If anything I have more issues keeping things IN the pans then scraping anything out. Certain foods seem to slide around so much if you aren’t careful things can slide right over the side.

I make pancakes, stir fry, eggs, bacon, grilled cheese. Easy to clean, water beads up and glides right off the surface. It’s still kind of amazing every time I wash them actually.

Yeah, the old saying “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” applies here.

I’ve gone through a lot of “non-stick” pans over the years. Of the alternatives the Calphalon style of cookware is pretty decent, but they too are far from non-stick.
I’ve gone back to the best non-stick cookware ever invented… cast iron! Properly seasoned, never, ever, ever using soap on them and with proper care they are FAR more non stick than about anything out there. Plus unlike the alternatives they get MORE non-stick the more you use them, again if treated properly.
How to clean them? Hot water and a decent scrubber with plastic bristles. For those stubborn bits (which can happen), do yourself a favor and get one of those “chain mail” cast iron cleaning pads. They won’t scratch and gouge your cast iron like a steel scrubber can, yet they still get any stuck on bits off pretty easily.
Then either let it air dry, or wipe it dry with a paper towel and then put a few drops of vegetable oil on a paper towel and wipe down the cooking surface.
I have a couple frying pans that are pretty old. Mine at home here is over 30 years old and the one at camp is probably double that.
Oh, and this goes for ALL pans, try to avoid Pam and the like. They are only mildly “slippery” and most times end up just making a sticky mess in your pan. Use real oil, butter, bacon grease, etc. The minimal amount of added fat in the food is negligible, and unlike Pam they actually enhance the flavor of your food.

I still have a whole set of Calphalon (minus the 10" frying pan which lost its coating) and use them for many things. As frying pans, griddle pans, no, but the saucepans and stock pots still work well.

We need a new set of pots and pans but the reviews for this set and the FakeSpot score of D made me decide not to buy them.

These are good pans. I have several and they work fine, no issues. I wonder if some of the complaints come from improper use (you are not supposed to use non-stick spray, for example).

I use a bit of oil from time to time depending on what I’m making, but you can definitely just drop some eggs in there and go to town without anything else, no problem. They really do clean up with just a paper towel. I wash mine anyway, though.

I also use cast-iron on my induction cooker. Buy American (Lodge) or find “vintage” ones. It is odd to cook in a pot that may have been used all through WWII!

Read reviews of cheap imports and you will find reports of cracking, etc.

There is a lot of malarky about seasoning and care, so go to the Lodge website for their advice, not some tale about grandpa scouring pans with cat pee. (I just made that up, but I expect to find it passed on some blog eventually.)

One thing is true: and overheated non-stick coated pan can outgas fumes that will kill a pet bird. Look it up.

small aside, titanium works very well as a non-stick surface as long as cleaned properly. ScanPan pans, though not cheap, have performed very well for me through the years. a 9 inch fry pan at $50-60ish hasn’t lost its non-stick and really exceptional performance in over a decade.

I had one of these pans and it was the biggest waste of money that I have even spent on anything, It worked for about the first three times that I used it then things stuck to it worse than anything that I have ever owned

GREAT pans! We use ours almost everyday. Not sure why people are having problems. Ours are definitely non-stick. The copper coating is supposed to allowing cooking at lower temps, so for those having issues, I’d check first that you aren’t cooking on high temps. The only time you need them on high heat is if you are boiling, otherwise, we always heat ours on medium, and then turn to a medium-low setting for cooking (eggs, steak, stir-fry, whatever…).

Good stuff and the price is right.

Yeah, exactly! I use mine nearly everyday, no problems. Always cook on medium or medium-low temps (except when boiling). I think some people are using too high a heat or maybe they are being ruined in dishwashers. I usually just hand wash mine and use only small amount of soap. One pan I’ve had for two years, now, and it still is just as non-stick as it was the day I got it.

Buy something else, these will start sticking after the 2nd time you use them. I threw mine in the garbage.

I never put mine in the dishwasher, and used med-high heat.

I have both Cooksmart pans and Green-pan pots with this coating and they are amazing. But, as a few have noted, the #1 point is never ever ever use a heat higher than medium. The ceramic will change its characteristic on higher heat and that causes problems (it becomes semi porous). At Medium heat, these cook better than a normal pan on High. This is because they form a very good conduction surface to the food (why they are slippery). So, all of that heat is transferred into the food.
Also, understand that they are non-stick once liquidy things cook. For example, put an egg in and it will not “slide around”, but once it cooks it will slide right out. No oil needed at all.
If you insist on higher heat, then get a different pan.

I love my Lodge cast iron. It’s inexpensive and nearly indestructible. The only drawbacks are weight and poor heat conduction. But I have zero concerns about the safety of cooking with cast iron, regardless of how hot I get it. Every other non stick surface, while probably ok, leaves some doubt.

It’s very non stick, if used correctly, even if I haven’t seasoned it. The most important part of non stick is getting it hot (like 300 degrees) before adding whatever you’re cooking. Eggs should coagulate on contact! I wonder if that’s why some people report great results with these vs many report poor non stick performance.

Too much controversy to buy these pans