Gotham Steel 20-Piece Cookware and Bakeware Set

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Gotham Steel 20-Piece Cookware and Bakeware Set
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I got the fry pans a couple months ago. When I’m using a spatula (both plastic and silicon) to make scrambled eggs, the edge melts almost as soon as it hits the pan. I didn’t read it anywhere, but do you need to only use metal utensils? I only use low-medium heat on a gas stove top.

I got the frying pan set as well. I have also noticed they get a lot warmer than my old set. I never go above the ‘4’ (out of 10) setting and I have electric. I wouldn’t recommend metal cooking utensils as you could scratch the pans. Great product, I would recommend!

Isn’t that one of the main benefits of the Gotham Steel cookware, it WONT SCRATCH?

The item description says they are metal utensil safe. Perhaps some reading is in order.

Do they work with induction cooktops? They have to be magnetic. Some pans have a symbol on the bottom that state they are.

I would like to know that as well. They can say “Steel” in the name, but if it is a low iron alloy, induction will not work.

Mine induction only works with the square pan. Pans are aluminum, not steel. If a magnet wont stick, induction is a no go.

Large fry pan now sticks in the middle no matter what you are cooking. I use olive oil most of the time and never overheat (I have other cookware that is over 20yrs old and looks as good as new.) You can see a difference in the middle of the pan where it sticks, looks duller than the rest. Started after about the 10th use.
I use hi temp silicone for most utensils and seems to work well. otherwise I use wooden. Never have been a fan of metal utensils in anything other than a cast iron skillet or a spun steel wok.

Would I buy another set… nope.

Not induction ready. Sorry.

I guess I’m the only one to have issues of melting spatulas? What are the utensils made of that come with this set? Are they available separately?