Gotham Steel 3-Piece Pan Set - 9.5", 11" and 12.5"

I bought one of these before the holidays, seasoned with peanut oil in the oven for 20 minutes and it works as described. I’m actually amazed at how well it works as a nonstick pan and it seems to heat fairly evenly on my crappy electric range too. I even accidentally melted a bread bag to it and it peeled right off and wiped clean.

I got the 10 piece set a few weeks ago, and these pans are amazing! Cook evenly, and clean up has never been easier.

link to the 10 piece?

I understand about seasoning cast iron pans before use, but why would you need to season these pans?

Not quite sure why, but according to many reviewers on Amazon, the reason buyers aren’t satisfied with their pans is failure to season along with improper washing and using spray oils such as Pam in the pans. Evidently, using the spray oils is a big no-no. Their use eventually clogs up the “pores” of the pans surface causing the non-stick feature to fail.

$60 is still too steep for me to take a chance, especially after the disappointing experience with the Bialtetti ceramic non-stick saute pans.

I purchased the 10 piece set back in August. I couldn’t find the instruction sheet but based on memory it said not to season and use on medium heat.

I have had no problems with things sticking to the fry pan and the other pans clean up easily. The only minor complaint, the lid handles can get quite hot which I guess can be expected.

The set I purchased:

You don’t. She’s on peanut oil, SMH!

I’m hard on my pots and pans. I’ve destroyed Calphalon and I’m not a fan of cast iron. That being said, I’ve had 2 of these “gotham steel” pans for a year and they still look brand-new and they are used 4x a week for just about anything. And yes, I even melted a spoon on it. WTTW, let them cool before you put water in them.

I have the bialtetti ceramic and these pans blow Bialtetti away.