Gotham Steel 3-Piece Pan Set - 9.5", 11" and 12.5"

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Gotham Steel 3-Piece Pan Set - 9.5", 11" and 12.5"
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I have the small pan and really like it. That egg sliding around is BS though. You have to put some type of lubrication in or they will stick. Now its kind of a misnomer in that it will stick but it will also wipe right out.

Just today I was going to put a steak in it and when I pulled the steak out of the package, it pulled that little absorb pad with it. The second it hit my hot pan it was an absolute stuck on mess. I took it to the sink and ran some water on it and that stuck on plastic came right off. So I have never had anything stay stuck to it but again, dont try sliding your eggs around in it unless you got a little butter or oil or pam in it or you will end up with scrambled eggs. I thought for sure after seeing the videos that it would be my go to pan for eggs but its not, I still use my rachael ray pan just for that.

Direct from the Bat Cave . . .

QUALITY POST! Thanks for the personal review!

Same here, I have all three sizes and they say NOT to use butter or oil, but I have never gotten my sunny side up eggs to slide around like the commercials…QVC also sells these! Great value as nothing really does stick to them and they are very light weight and easy to handle…

They also work on induction cook tops!

Are these the pans we deserve? Don’t think we need them.

These pans are really phenomenal. One thing to keep in mind that I’ve learned from personal experience- if you want to get results like you see on TV - use them on low to medium heat. Check out this link of them being tried and tested on Good Morning America

Yes, they say high heat ruins them but what good are pans that you can’t turn your heat on high ?

These have quickly become my go-to pans!

For me easy clean-up is almost as important as how well the pan performs. When things do get stuck from time to time on these it isn’t the same as Teflon or metal where you have to scrape things off in the sink. Everything will come off with little or no effort. Things really do just kind of slide right off the pans it’s crazy how well these work generally. Almost like it repels water, oil, grease.

I’ve used mine for pancakes, eggs, steak. Never used in the oven but the commercial says they are oven-safe to 500 degrees. Metal utensils won’t scrape and the bottom has a non-scrape ring as well.

I purchased a 10 piece set including pots and lids for $84 twice from woot. Once as a regular woot and once during a woot-off as a gift. I find I don’t use the pots as much and this deal includes an extra pan so maybe still worth the price if interested?

What’s the longevity of these pans? Any new non-stick pan will work great for the first month then it becomes a sticky nightmare.

Interested in this info as well. I am thinking about getting these and donating all of my Teflon pans.

Found this

very mixed reviews…lots of 1-star and a few 5-star reviews. looking through them now.

I have trouble with my skillets warping. It drives me crazy when they no longer sit level on my cooktop. Has anyone had trouble with these warping?

Are these better than the Emril set I purchased from Woot last year? I mean MUCH better, because I use those all the time and like them?

Make sure you never put water in them (even warm water) while still hot - that’s how I ruined mine.

So, one of the reviews here says it works with induction, yet the description says it is not for use on induction.
Which is it?

I’m going to go with the product description and not buy these.

The one picture of the bottom of the pans doesn’t show the normal dimpling I would expect from an induction pan and I also don’t see a coil logo on the product packaging, but it’s hard to tell for sure. I would say they probably aren’t

I have the small one. It is not non-stick like the commercials or ads say. Food sticks as easily as a non-stick pan. Easier to clean and does not scratch but in no way it is NOT TRUE NON-STICK like they say… and who wants to cook everything at low heat. As for the oven, forget it items still burn to it. Just easier to remove when cleaning.