Gotham Steel 7-Pc Pantastic Fry Pan Set

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Gotham Steel 7-Pc Pantastic Fry Pan Set
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Anybody try these? Any different than any other non-stick pan? I was totally wanting this - probably because they’re suckering me in with the brand name - but I just saw these at Bed Bath and Beyond and they weren’t very heavy pans. Nothing like, say, Emerilware, which I think are pretty great pans that are thick and distribute heat evenly.

I wouldn’t give them 2 cents for every Gotham steel pans on the planet, I bought one of the frying pans and every thing sticks to it, I will never buy another one again.

could you put this pan on a grill?

I have a couple of Gotham Steel fry pans, and I like them very much. They aren’t heavy, but I find the very heavy cookware to be too heavy for me. I don’t know why the other poster had so many things stick to his,because my pans perform just like they do in the commercials: things just slide right off. They also clean up easily. I like them so much, am considering buying the big square one on sale now.

You should buy these because they are the pans you deserve, but not the ones you need right now.

I have these and love them. I bought 3 sets the last time they had these on sale and I may but more. My 81 year old mom bought a couple of the frying pans and wanted more pans, so when I heard that I was able to surprise her with a whole set.

For the person who said everything sticks … not sure what I do differently, but that is not my experience. For example, I cook eggs in the frying pan every morning and rarely even wash the pan. I simply heat it up and wipe it with a paper towel.

The best thing about these may be the fact that the non-stick in these is healthier for you than any other non-stick option. I am a bit of a health nut in that I try to avoid unnecessary toxins when possible and these meet that goal. (Teflon does not.)

Yes, these are light. So are my titanium glasses and many of the aluminum components in my new $65,000 pick up. My laptop is heavy, a big Alienware 18" which I call a portable desktop, and I take crap from people for that. So your point is ???

Why does your spec description say the pans are stainless steel? They are aluminum according to the box seen in the picture.

The handles may be stainless steel and the square pan has a stainless steel disc manufactured into the bottom to make it induction friendly. The steamer plate is thin stainless steel and the fry basket might have stainlessI mesh. The pans are aluminum though, and not particularly thick, but generally adequate. Nonstick and nonscratch properties depend on how the pans are used. Any pan can be misused, and these are no exceptions.

Sure. Probably be a little tough though unless you marinated it.

Seriously though, I probably wouldn’t if you expect to use it in the kitchen again. I made that mistake once with one of my Mom’s pans… once…

I hate to ruin the party, but I think that you should reword you statement. These pans have not been proven to be bad for you. That does not necessary mean that they are good for you.

Very true. I’ve always been wary of marketing statements like PTFE free or BPA free. Yea, that’s probably true, but what kind of new, completely unproven chemicals are you exposing me to now? In any case, I’ll take my cast iron over any of this crap. Iron is good for you after all :smiley:

Do not purchase!!! I have the square saucepan and it sticks so bad and the finish comes off more each time it is used or washed.

I never would have selected this set myself, but I received it as a gift. I have to say I’m delightfully surprised. Nothing sticks, easy cleanup, they seem durable, and they work with induction. Thank you, gifter.

I bought a different set on Woot a few months back. I enjoy these pans for what they are. Cheap, nonstick pans that I can throw in the dishwasher. I made a frittata last night and had zero sticking problems. They are my go-to for grilled cheese, scrambled eggs, and searing the occasional steak. If they’re in your budget, I’d say “Buy 'em!”

Bought the square fry setup a little while back on woot. There’s a notice in the owners manual that says in order to get the best performance out of the pan that you shouldn’t use oil…its a frying setup. I felt duped from the word go…Ill be staying away in the future

Not advisable. Grills can get too hot. For your grill stick with cast iron or steel.

I purchased these the last time they had them about 3-4 weeks ago. STAY AWAY FROM THEM! Best use I’ve come up with is oil drain pans in my garage! Fried eggs stick badly to the point I have to rip the yellow to get them out approximately 1/2 the time. Omelets also tear when loosening them before flipping. Their very own cookbook contradicts the instructions regarding the use of butter/olive oil. Instructions say to use it only if you must and the cookbook says use it in every recipe they have. I would have sent them back if possible.

You are a bit of a health nut however you rarely wash your pans. Interesting.