Gotta feeling about a good woot tonight....


I don’t know why, but my gut is just saying that there will be a good woot tonight. Anyone else feel like this?


Valentine’s Day theme somehow? Hmm…

Is the new woot always released at the same time? I thought it was 12:00 midnight eastern time…


nope, midnight central time.
every night.

Unless there is a woot-off, then all bets are off.


Thanks. Well now I gotta ask, woot-off?


heh, I knew that was coming.
Every few months or so, there is a woot-off.
That means that Woot puts up a product until it is sold out and then puts up another one etc etc.
The last one was on Nov and only lasted about 24 hrs.
There was one last summer that lasted 2 or 3 days.
You will know if it’s a woot-off because there will be flashing gold lights on the main woot product screen
when the lights disappear it means the woot-off is over.
Does this make sense? If not, I’ll try to explain more.


And sometimes there’s only a few of the items, like 10 or 20. Might not even see them before the next one comes up if you’re not there at exactly the right time.


Makes sense…thx for the info! Big Ten fan by the way…went to Wisco. Our bball is crazy this year huh? No one can win big road games it seems…


haha…I know!!!
and, BTW, if you like to just hang out and chat, try the PWA thread here.
Lots of chatty folks there and we always welcome new blood!!


Even woot offs start at 1am, but they keep on going…sometimes for days. Sleepless days.


hmm, sorry about your gut feeling, unless you were needing a 2 pack of webcams.
maybe a day early?
we’ll see tomorrow night.


I said I had a good feeling there was a good woot on Friday night on the Last Post thread and Lo-and-Behold: A projetor for $504!

I bet there is going to be a good woot on thursday night…

It’s kinda like blackjack 21!


Another gut feeling lol…it just sucks because the last time I had a feeling like last night, I fell asleep and there was a bag o crap that night…I always miss those damn things!


They should put alarm clocks up for sale the night before a bag of crap.


They put hints in the podcast the day before.


Really? Like what?


To borrow from the Magliozzi Bros, send your return address on the back of a $20 bill and I’ll reveal all secrets…:wink:


Okay, I’ll bite, how is that a hint?


No hint, only a money making strategy to buy a new boat…
Like the guy who buys a classified ad that says “Make big money, secrets revealed! Send $1!!!” and you send your dollar and they send you back advice to take out a classified ad to have people send you money.
But if I do that $1 at a time it will take too long.


i dont.
every time im on the boards some junk i would not even atempt to sell is on here… i leave a few days and awsome stuff!


Going anywhere soon?