Gotta Go Portable Potty - 2 pack

Will this work with my Mac? Not even a refurb!

Did anyone else notice that the instructions say to ‘dispose of with normal household garbage?’ If you are in a situation where there is ‘normal’ household garbage, wouldn’t there also be a normal bathroom?

Perhaps a better description would be ‘place in backpack and carry with you until you return to civilization.’ But then I guess that makes the problem with this item too obvious…

How is this a thing that was ever manufactured en masse?!

This is almost as bad as the “personal massager” they sold here a few years back. lol

Yes, you can sit at your Mac while using this.

Im in for #2

TT: Boss, I deserve a raise!
Boss: Prove it.
TT: Ok, if I can get the people to buy literal bags of poop, would you agree, that would be raise-worthy?
Boss: (strokes beard) Hmmmm…

By far, the best item ever offered during a Woot Off!

Who do I call for technical support? Do they have instructions in Canadian? Is this dishwasher safe? Can I purchase insurance just in case I’m attacked by a Bear while using this product?

This. Is. Absurd.

Yes, now I can poop ANYWHERE…

Build your own Bag o Crap

This is the bag of crap. After you use it of course…


that is basically the review process

My first thought was just no, no no no. Then I see it is TT buy and now I want to buy them for all the nice things she has done for us.

BUT, can I get these out of the mailbox before my wife sees them and reminds me that not having a poncho has ever stopped me…?

This kind of purchase can’t be explained to a spouse. Can I buy them and Woot just loses them somewhere?

I only showed for the comments and I am not disappointed :slight_smile:

Strangest DIY project I’ve seen in a long time…

As a mom, I think this is great for long road trips with children where no restrooms are available.

Condition…NEW! loL!!!