Gotta HAND it to Her

Awesome artwork! Nice to see Robbie’s robot!

OMG I’ve been waiting for this shirt forever!!! Would prefer it in purple, but who cares.

Why does the bluegrass banjoist have a samurai sword on his back?

Does that sword look a bit like a candy cane? (Maybe candy canes are super-effective against robots, I don’t know.)

Is this Yoshime?

So who has the upper hand here?

Awesome! As soon as I saw the 'bot I knew it was a Robbie Lee!

That was my first thought as well.

Yep. Love the scale of battle.

She’s a black belt in karate.

They don’t believe me, but you won’t let those robots eat me


All that’s missing is her bottle of vitamins!

That must be one tough super sharp sword. Either that or flimsy robot hand.

Silly robot, don’tcha know better than to be so grabby with your play things? When you rush to grab someone like that of course they’re gonna produce a sword out of thin air and swipe at you.

I don’t get it :confused:

iPhone theft is out of control! Apple needs to drop the fingerprint lock.

I don’t even know why she’d want this poor guy’s 5S, it must be the size of a bus.

::sad head shake::

If you had a crazy girl planning to cut off your fingers and ruin your bluegrass career, you’d pack heat too! Creative career opportunities are really rare for robots.

Except for the reserved clothing, it reminded me of Sucker Punch. Sadly, I don’t get the original reference. Cool design though.

i don’t believe you