Gotta love UPS

Thought I would share the tracking on a Woot package. So far they weren’t able to dispatch the trailer in time and now a mechanical failure.


Why is the status bar like that? (With the battery indicator not aligned to the right.)

What’s at the top right? A camera?

Could be worse. The warehouse could have caught fire along with the pair of shoes you ordered (this sounds like a jab @ThunderThighs but it’s not).
Woot canceled my order

Gosh, so rude. It’s like checking the medicine cabinet in the bathroom when you visit someone else’s home.

But since you’re already asking, what is up with the weird alignment?

I mean… sorry about the bummer tracking. I hope it makes its way to you soon, @Wooter825352529.

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This is kind of epic. The little package that could. I think i can, I think I can…

UPS isn’t alone. FedEx and others are having staffing issue. Not enough drivers to deliver all the stuff. Gonna be really fun the week or two before Christmas.


It’s an android thing.

Apps and notifications populate on the left, utilities on the right. They’ll meet in the middle of you open enough stuff.

Edit: wait, I see it now.

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Right, but the stuff on the right is so far to the left it makes everything lopsided instead of symmetrical like in your screenshot.


I’ve had two shipments suffer “train derailment”; so, it could be worse!


If that happens and I’m close by I’ll pick up your stuff for you.

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My phone

Train derailment - did it make the news

I know, I posted it out of humor. I received notifications that there were exceptions and I laughed when I read them, so I thought I would share.

I order all of my gifts before Halloween and if I order something to give to someone after that it is an extra “thought of you” gift, so if it doesn’t make it in time, it is no big deal - I give things to people just because it’s a Tuesday.

Anyway, I hope it provided a laugh for some of you.


My ex would run to Walmart on Christmas Eve and buy whatever was left - that didn’t go over well, so he then just started giving nothing and told us we didn’t deserve a gift - well me, not we. This would be one of the many reasons we are no longer married.

Life is SO MUCH BETTER! Now, I but my own gifts and buy toys for kids and items for the teens and mom’s living at domestic violence shelters.

Gotta pay forward in life.

Spread kindness.


Neither did. :frowning: