Gourmet Box of Junk

Gourmet Box of Junk

I have a feeling I’ll regret this…


Sounds like crap too crappy for a BoC…why am I hesitating…


Has woot done this before? I’m assuming it’s like a gourmet themed boc, but a lot more expensive. Pulled the trigger and fear I just way overpaid for novelty cocktail napkins.

Having paid a premium price to order Tuno cans from Woot!, I feel a need to warn people these are probably customer returned cans. My cans arrived in a box with no packing material whatsoever. The cans all had oil and specks of food on the outside. I only found 1 pop-top can that had obviously failed, but this is a hard pass for me.

If you’re lucky your order won’t come with oil stained novelty items from the customer returned Tuno cans they are pawning off as part of this offer. Maybe they will have wiped them down before tossing in with the other junk.

I really dont want tuna

Ooh I just received butter cake from Wine Country Connect thru woot. It’s delicious. Altho it seems they named their company before they decided they’d be a woot overstock repository. I did look them up and they do carry about 6 wines. So technically it fits.

That’s good, because there is no real tuna in TUNO :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

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Ok smarty. What about loobster? Or bef?

If there was ever a reason to use some of my $100 WootBucks from the 16th birthday giveaway, this is it. Can’t wait for the tuno explosion that awaits me…


Mmmm, now I want some loobster!! :drooling_face:

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Now I’m bracing myself for extreme disappointment! If I get tuno i’mma gonna cry ÷/

I’m rolling the dice, and I don’t know why.:game_die::face_with_raised_eyebrow: :money_with_wings:Stupid Woot marketing. If I get Tuno, I’m feeding it to the cat.:smirk_cat:

Why would you do that to your cat???

You’ll find a smelly brown surprise in your shoes


Point well taken. Guess that is something NOT to roll the dice on.:game_die::poop::pouting_cat: I will have to find some other way to offload the dreaded tuno should it arrive.

You all are too funny. A $5 boc I am good with, possibly getting Tuno- nope, but I really do appreciate your enthusiasm

Would deserve it, too. Cats are not vegetarian.


What are the odds of getting rib-eye steaks?

A similar sale took place a year and a half ago. It wasn’t exactly the same but offered some of the exact same items. I’m amazed at how long some of this crap can trickle into BoC type sales for years. I included a pic of what I got last time. The items were definitely valued more than what was paid but the question is always is it worth it for you?

WCC Warehouse Clearance ‘Box of Junk’ https://wine.woot.com/offers/wcc-warehouse-clearance-box-of-junk