Gourmet Cedar Grilling Planks 12-Pack

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Gourmet Cedar Grilling Planks 12-Pack
$9.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Arr Matey you need to walk the plank.

Sweet!!! I’m in for 0. Bring back the fish I was actually thinking of getting one haha.

Um…what makes the gourmet? It’s wood for crying out loud.

To anyone that used the Wine Woot trick to get The Bridee of Chucky, did your order show up on Wine woot or Woot?

All that pirate talk gives me wood :wink:

True Fire is great so long as it doesn’t catch fire

Got Wood?

Cedar planks you say? Can I use these to build a fence between my house and my neighbor? He keeps watching me while I’m grilling on the deck and it kind of creeps me out…

Got these in a Barrel of Candycorn a few months ago, pretty cool. Grilled some Scottish Salmon on them over Labor Day weekend and got rave reviews. Also, people asking “the heck is woot and why do they make cedar planks?” is priceless

Edit: Never mind, someone edited faster than I could reply to it, or I read it backwards.

I hear these are pretty good for grilling USB fish bowls on.

How to Plank Grill


And then cooking with Jack presents Plank BBQ:


I sit all day for a desk job, so I “Keep a spray bottle of water nearby in case of flare-up” too. Darn roids! :wink:

I hope your BOCs are filled with these…


I ordered two sets of these planks during a wine.woot-off earlier in the summer. The planks add a great flavor to food, especially salmon.

If I had my Bowl of Cereal

I like wood, but are there ever multiple Bland Oily Cheeses during 48 hour woot offs?