Gourmet Kitchen Infused Oil and Vinegar Medley

Gourmet Kitchen Infused oil & Vinegar Medly
$24.99 + $5 shipping
condition: 200ml
1 200ml Sweet Smoked Chili Oil
1 200ml California Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 200ml Blood Orange Oil
1 200ml Sweet Roasted Garlic Oil
1 200ml Raspberry Vinegar

No CT links for this one, folks. :slight_smile:

And Mill’s back in action! :slight_smile:

yeah mill!
The MaskedMarvel’s trigger finger was a little slow.

2 questions about these oils.

  1. What is the smoke point for each oil?

  2. What is the expected shelf life of each oil?

where is more Scott Harveyyyyyyyyyyyyyy??? I guess my Visa gets a rest …

Shouldn’t it be “Medley”?

It looks like this is the company that sells these…


The oils are all $7.99 and the vinegar is $9.99

is it me, or does this have “Ross” written all over it?

I believe we had the extra virgin olive oil (or was it the garlic oil?) on the RPM tour as WD was auditioning it, either way it was quite tasty. I’m in for one before I talk myself into three.

These will make nice gifts. Thanks Woot!

I thought the same thing. This is the perfect holiday gift for people you barely know or for those random gift giveaway’s with co-workers. I’m in for two. One to keep and one to give away.

haha nice call! Maybe Marshall’s …

LOL! That is exactly what I thought. Put one or two in a basket with some home made bread and/or a cute kitchen towel and potholders and you have a nice looking housewarming gift.
I am always looking for small gifts for business associates too. Perfect!

Yeah, I’m popping the kosher question again. :frowning:

Totally Ross

Hey, if we don’t get mad at Loweel for asking if the 100% cab has any Petite Sirah in it, was grown in a field that had petite sirah, was processed on equipment that at one time had processed petite sirah etc etc etc, then we can’t complain about kosher questions :slight_smile:


Seconding these questions…

Regardless of the answer, these look lovely and I’ll probably get them anyway.

I think it’s a valid question.