Gourmet Kitchen Infused Oil & Vinegar Medley - Gift Week



Gourmet Kitchen Infused Oil & Vinegar Medley - Gift Week
$23.99 + $5 shipping
condition: 200ml
products: 1 200ml Lemongrass Oil
1 200ml Rosemary Oil
1 200ml Basil Oil
1 100ml Walnut Oil
1 100ml Ginger Key Lime Vinegar


You know, the one night I stay up until 1, and it’s not something I need/want. Largely because I went in for 3 of the balsamic as my food gifts.


Alright Loweeel- I waited for you on this one. nevermore…

Grapeseed oils have changed how I cook in my house. i’m only disappopinted to not be able to reorder the chili oil (though I hope for oilmaker participation). High smoke point and good health. Who could ask for anything more…

I’m un-gifting my previous order. For me. MEEEEEEEEEEEE!
In for three.


Is grapeseed oil the kind you want to infuse? Any one know how it compares to, say, infused olive oil?


Anyone but me show the EHP as buyable from 10 - now? Very odd. Never saw the cookbook.


Even now, looking at regular woot, it shows EHP as avail on wine.woot.


It’s like WD put this together JUST FOR ME! In for 3… FOR ME!!!

I used the last of my key lime vinegar the other day and cried. I had this combination in my cart at the producer’s website and went "No… WD will come through… he always does…” And HERE IT IS!


In for 1. I like having a good variety of oils on hand for dippings and dressings.


anyone know which company makes these? or if theyre kosher?


They are made by Arnabal http://www.arnabal.com/. They are not kosher, that question was asked when these were first for sale


Grapeseed oil is pretty neutral in flavor. I purchased the last set of these that was on woot, and they are pretty phenomenal.


I bought these the first time they were for sale and they are all very good. Nice aromas and great for cooking and for salad dressings.


The Key Lime Vinegar might have me sold! Never heard of anything like it before.


Grapeseed oil has a consistency similar to olive oil as well as a similar flashpoint, but as mentioned above a much more neutral aroma and flavor, and as such it is ideal for salad dressings and the like where the (delicious) flavor and aroma of olive oil are not desired…


When using oil and vinegar on a salad, does it matter which you apply first?


Oil first…Don’t ask me why, something about the oil sticking to the food better.


Oil goes before vinegar, use enough so that the lettuce and other vegetables are glossy - tossing all the while you add the oil. Then add the vinegar sparingly, just a little to lift the flavor and never more than 1 part vinegar to 3 parts oil. Most importantly, salt the greens before adding the oil. This is the traditional way salads are dressed in Italy, mainly to highlight the flavor of the oil.


Me too, I’m excited to try these. If anyone has ways to use or recipes, please share.


I was hoping these would appear at some point this week… missed them last time around… can’t wait to try them out…