Gourmet Kitchen Infused Oil & Vinegar Medley

Nice work, WD, thanks!

How about some comments on the different vinegar. Can it be used in the same way as the raspberry?

Darn you, WD. Darn you to HECK.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! In for three, as gifts =D

Well let’s see… where the raspberry would be good with fruity salads, this one would be good to make a vinaigrette for like an asian chicken salad. With mandarin oranges. And almond slices… mmm…

so NOT cool that this is the one that i did NOT get. i would much rather have the ginger key lime vinegar. if anybody in the Chicago area wants to trade vinegars, i’m certainly game.

(but, seriously WD, nice comeback after a blistering first round sell-out.)

i picked up 3. i’ll trade you one or two of them :slight_smile:

Ginger-key lime vinegar was the tipping point. I sat on my hands for the first o&v offering, but ginger-key lime vinegar? I will pour it into my sparkling waters. I will splash it onto my buttered bread. Heck, I may just eat it off a spoon.

oohhhh winewoot if you were a man I’d have your grape babies. I almost cried when I saw this was sold out before I could order more for Christmas gifts. And now I’m crying tears of joy so I just ticked THREE people off my list! In August! The grocery stores are already selling halloween candy here so why can’t I be ahead of the game, too?


I was so sad that the first set sold out so quickly

In!!! Thanks so much for giving we the procrastinators a second chance.

Sold. I was very intrigued by the key-lime ginger, and now I know why.

In for three, including a couple of gifts that will be perfect.

If no one responded quicker, I would do it. I missed out on the first, and only not ordering this because I don’t like anything ginger lime. Let me know and I’ll buy a set.


OK, nothings really changed except the contents of one bottle, but here is an updated view of how good is this deal?

Click the link above for comparative pricing to see how woot’s price stacks up against direct purchase from the manufacturer.

I"m in! I missed the first one because i waited to talk to Dh…

Wow. A chance to redo huh? Just got my Scott Harvey and I have no money. These still sound amazing though.

Yes it can, but it can also be used over sliced avocado and it will keep them green almost all day and not overpower your $$$$ Avocados with a lemon flavor.

This vinegar can also be used in place of Mirin with the addition of some sugar. It makes an awsome sushi.

It also makes a great marinade with the garlic oil and some thyme, and chopped shallot. I actually use this product way more than I do the Raspberry Vinegar.

Also try a splash on a mango papaya salad for some brightness. Or use it with some Achoite and and S & P, a little garlic and marinate chicken for the grill.


like, omg, you are like my long-lost sister! :happy: