Gourmet Nut Feel Good Mix Pack (6)

Woot! you are making me fat! Stop that.

Gourmet Nut Feel Good Mix 6-Pack
$24.99 $32.00 22% off List Price

These things are good! I bought them last time they were on Wine Woot. Very good mix of fruits/nuts, great snack if you’re eating healthy.

Where are the bananas, papaya,mango, and pineapple?
That’s my favorite.

Guess it won’t be here for in time for Halloween. Hope it will for Thanksgiving.

I have been having so many sweets because of Halloween that I’m sort of happy that these are shipping on the slow boat. It gives me a bit of time to recover before enjoying these before moving on the the Christmas sweets overload.

My feel good mix arrived today. And it sure does make me feel good. :slight_smile: The Feel Good Mix is nearly perfect for me. I wish it left out the cranberries though. Fortunately they are last in the ingredients.

All three varieties of the overall feel good mix are pretty good though. The goodies sure won’t last long.