Gourmet Nut Spice Rubs (5)

Please note that “Gourmet Nut” is the brand, it is not a gourmet nut rub. Important distinction you like sitting comfortably.

I like these rubs, especially those for steak. However, the jars do not have shaker tops, so you either need to use a spoon or try to shake them carefully, usually resulting in a small clump or two flying out. For that reason I will pass.

Am I missing the ingredient info? We can’t eat sugar or flour.

these spices are really decent and you get a nice amount in each bottle too. I find them to be pretty unique and the price is great, my local spice shop in Princton is awesome, and these come close to their offerings at half the price.

Sweet tooth has sugar , the others do not, and i don’t believe any of them have flour.

Not really a deal. In fact on Amazon, you can buy all 5 jars individually for a total of $18.57, and with free shipping. That would be a better deal if you were buying something over $25 on Amazon anyway, because they are Add-On Items.

Huh huh…nut rubs…hurrrrr