Gourmet Nut Spice Rubs, Set of 5



Gourmet Nut Spice Rubs, Set of 5
$19.99 (Normally $49.00) 59% off List Price
(1) Gourmet Nut Zesty Lemon Spice Rub, 3 oz.
(1) Gourmet Nut Spice & Herb Spice Rub, 3 oz.
(1) Gourmet Nut Sweet Tooth Dessert Rub, 3 oz.
(1) Gourmet Nut Sweet & Smokey Spice Rub, 3 oz.
(1) Gourmet Nut Cup of Coffee Rub, 3 oz.



I saw the words nut & rubs. You figure out the rest of where my mind went.


How can anyone pass on a high quality nut rub? In for 3!


Are these safe for people with nut allergies???


Here is the company page that links to these five products. Unfortunately, not a single one provides ingredient lists or nutritional information, even though every single page has a “health info” link. That’s slimy to me.


I looked on their website and on the FAQ page found this:

"8) Are there any allergens for your products?

Our products are processed in a facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts, soy & milk products."


$32.50 on QVC s/h included. No ingredients listed there either. Good reviews.


no ingredients list, no sale. Any person who likes cooking isn’t going to trust a random preconcocted rub without at least having an idea of what ingredients were used.


I doubt there’s anything slimy about it - just a website that’s not fully functioning. I just wish they told (or showed) who gives the kosher certification.


As usual, the question: was this made in China?


Looking at my bottles now…no where does the word China appear! And the coffee rub takes steak to a whole other lever :slight_smile:


Umm…does that mean you were using your head? (sowwy)


Not to mention those with food allergies. I’d have bought this for my SO otherwise.


From their website:

Gourmet Nut Zesty Lemon Spice Rub
Ingredients: Italian sea salt, garlic, rosemary, black pepper, coriander, lemon oil.

Gourmet Nut Spice & Herb Spice Rub
Ingredients: celery seed, rosemary, Alaea Hawaiian sea salt, Italian sea salt, black pepper, sage, marjoram.

There are no ingredient lists for the others, but these 2 contain pretty much what I’d expecxt them to…nothing out of the ordinary in my book.


Thanks! Does it say where they were made, out of curiosity?


More questions.

Were these made to use now or should they be cellared for awhile? What’s the window for these? Is there a dump phase?

How will they hold up if paired with an InZinerator? Copa del Rey cab? Quaffmor?

So many questions; so little time to the next item. :wink:


The QVC website description says Made in the USA.


Can one of you folks who already has some tell me what the little kosher symbol looks like? Should be on there somewhere - it’s not on the front, so on the back or on the side… is it a little circle with a K in the middle?


Thank you! I couldn’t find it on the site – and I’m glad I passed, because I’m violently allergic to sea salt.