Gourmet Truffle Cake Sampler and Tart Sampler

Yesterday was Pie shirt day, and now it’s pie wine day. What???

Has this been on a side deal? Or was that cookies.

David’s Cookies Website

Gourmet Truffle Cake Sampler and Tart Sampler
$49.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Gourmet
1 David’s Cookies 10” Truffle Cake Sampler
1 David’s Cookies 9.5” Tart Sampler

No CellarTracker links here. These are most likely ‘drink now.’ :slight_smile:

Wow. I can’t remember a wine.woot I’ve wanted less. Hopefully there are some truffle people out there who’ll dig it!

I want these, wow…

I can’t justify spending 55 bucks on dessert. Maybe if there were 5 of them.

Oh, man, so yummy. I wish it wasn’t so much :frowning:


i didn’t know they have deserts on wine woot… waaa… but i agree… i can’t spend 55 dollars on desert! might as well just go to a grocery store and make it yourself for 10 bucks…


It’s almost two dollars a slice. More money than I want to spend. Although not as bad as restaurant prices.

I agree wholeheartedly. The price is not out of line for what you get, but I am afraid to keep something like that in the house - it might not survive until the holidays. As it is, this made me hungry and I will have to eat some ice cream right now!

Comparison Pricing

As per the website, the truffle sampler alone is 49.95. Just sayin… not justifying.

Lot’s of Wine.Woot related gatherings this weekend … Fl/GA, SoCal in Vegas!, NoVA/DC, NYC, and Chicago. Details below. Just click on the link and you will get more info.

See you in Vegas!!! :happy:

This is essentially buy one, get one free (or 50% off if that sounds better). Still…

These look really tempting, and the price is about one-third of what you’d spend in a restaurant. But people commission ME to make desserts for them. What would they say if they caught me buying these?

If I wasn’t trying to loose 10 pounds I’d buy this in a heart beat! Great item to bring to big Holiday gathering. But I’m not about to watch other people eat this while I drool. I’m just not that nice.


Man they look %&@^ good! But not for $55… that is a lot of moolah for a pair of samplers

Think I am on a personal record of 2+ weeks with no wine wooting