govino Go Anywhere Assorted Glassware

govino Go Anywhere Assorted Glassware
(Your Choice: Wine/Cocktail, Champagne Flute, or Beer Glass)
$31.99 $44.85 29% off List Price


BBB; $15/4 + ship
Macys; $13/4 + ship
WE; $13/4 + ship
Mothership; $45/12 + ship (prime/fs)

we’ve seen cases of these at rpm/ww tours, and the wootception.
Highly recommended for your fumble fingered friends.

Well done WD.

thanks, we’ve been trying to get govino back on for a while now.

this is a great deal.

Love the wine ones, were so useful when I had a pool. I think you should have done a mixed case though.

Anyone I know want to split, probably 6/6 beer/champagne?

My thoughts exactly! We always end up resorting to cheesy bright colored plastic around the pool, so these look like an ideal alternative.

Can anyone tell me whether they are all 12oz, or whether the beer glasses are larger?

I was leaning toward buying, until I saw “hand wash only”. Ain’t no one got time for that.

Too bad there isn’t a mixed pack option. I already have 4 each of the wine and champagne glasses, don’t need another 12 of either but would have been happy to get 4 more each plus a set of 4 beer glasses.

Hand wash? Who does that?
That’s a deal-killer for me.

It looks like this is selling out their older version (called “Classic”), which isn’t dishwasher safe. Their website has newer versions which are. They’re a bit more expensive, but I agree it’s worth a bit more to me.

I was all in for a friend who has a party boat until you all pointed out hand wash only. Not happening now.

I’d be all in for these, but I have all these Libby’s that even my clutsiest of friends can’t break. I keep waiting to replace them with better ones, but all the other wine glasses slowly dwindle in numbers over time and those suckers just won’t die.

Reviews of the Beer Glass over at BIRCHBOX

People who do not have or use dishwashers. There are reasons not to use one.

Isn’t the BPA what was in baby bottles that is toxic???

[MOD: BPA-Free]


I bought a couple dozen of these a few years ago. Yeah, that’s a lot, but I got them for our boat. No breakage. No dishwasher. Lots of wine drinking friends.

I think I need the beer ones now.


If I bought from here I would be all over this in a heartbeat. Probably don’t need 12 anyway, but we have gotten a lot of use out of the 4-pack we have.


I hand-wash my wineglass every night. :tongue:

There’s a dishwasher on the party boat?