govino Go Anywhere Assorted Glassware

govino Go Anywhere Assorted Glassware
(Your Choice: Wine/Cocktail [12oz or 16oz], Champagne Flute, or Beer Glass)

Got them for my sailboat a couple of years ago… Haven’t broken one yet.

They’re Great…

We got a couple of the Govino wine “glasses” on a recent trip to Hawaii, and they were perfect for traveling and walking around outside, sitting on our hotel balcony. Recommended!

I must have gotten a set of left-handed glasses. Seems line the notch is always on the wrong side, and I end up inverting the dang thing!

It looks like these are for the first generation that are hand-wash only, while the latest ones they have put out are dishwasher safe. Can someone from woot! confirm which model is being sold?

$10 delta between the beer and wine for a more complex shape!?
I sense a bit of monetary discrimination here targeting wine drinkers compared to slothy beer guzzlers.

For each shape the description says “hand wash only”, so this must be the first generation you mentioned.

I must have gotten the “hand wash” model before. While the thumb or finger notch (depending on the size of your hand) makes these surprisingly comfortable to hold, the plastic it’s made out of is the thickness of disposable plastic cups.

At least they are so thin there is no way you would think they could possibly be dishwasher safe.

One evening I found one in the trash because my guest assumed they were disposable.

Would buy some more if they came in a more solid form.

Bought some a few months ago, definitely not dishwasher safe. Very Thin so the mouth of the glass is rough on my mouth. Not comfortable to me. Would not purchase again.
They look like disposable cups so you have to keep a count and check the trash.

Do not buy the handwash ONES only. They are god awful and you can’t put them near heat. They melt. Be careful.

Off topic, but you’ve got to love the juxtaposition of the Israeli olive oil and the pork sausage on the wine.woot page.

Bunch of lazy people here. :wink:

I love my GoVinos and I don’t mind hand washing them as it takes about 2.1 seconds. I’d grab some but I bought 3 sets the last time they came up.

We’ve got something for everyone.

I read reviews at Amazon and ordered hurriedly this morning before I left the house. Nobody had posted here yet, so I didn’t see all the hand-wash kvetching. I ordered a set of the 16-oz wine and the 12-oz beer, and figure on giving half to my daughter and son-in-law, who have a pool and hot tub. Me, I’m just a klutz. Hand wash doesn’t scare me, but if I like these I will definitely be on the lookout for the newer dishwasher safe versions.

2.1 seconds???

There’s no way you’re washing a cup that quickly by hand. Remind me never to eat at your house. Gross.

Looking at the govino site, it seems you can get the new dishwasher-safe 16oz. wine glasses for about $1.25 each. These come to about $2.40 each and are the handwash version.

Granted, you have to buy 72 at a time to get that price, but the delta + quality drop = a suspicious glance from me.

All i see on the Govino site is 72 for $360 that’s $5 each. Where did you find your price ?

While I’ve never purchased any of these, I have picked up a few at various gatherings; the wootception, a group rat during the 2012 tours, and somewhere else I forgot.

They’re all holding up quite well, had wash easily and none broken of disposed of.

If I didn’t have enough already, I’d be in on this; even tho they aren’t the ‘newest and greatest’ since sliced bread (to go with the wine).

These glasses are great! We’ve used them on all the rpm Tours from 2010 on and they have been a hit! We also use them at home for outdoor parties and picnics. They will last a long time with a little care, but they do need to be hand washed.

I’ve seen some other stemless glasses, both glass and plastic. I’ll take these over both.

I’m tempted to get more, but I have quite a few of both 12 oz and 16 oz sizes.