Govino-Go Anywhere Elegant Shatterproof Wine Vessel - 8 Pack

Govino-Go Anywhere Elegant Shatterproof Wine Vessel - 8 Pack
$14.99 + $5 shipping
CONDITION: Shatterproof
8 Govino-Go Anywhere Elegant Shatterproof Wine Vessel

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These are great. I have a box of 4.

yep i was right every 12 hours :smiley:

maybe a mid week gift week cancellation like last time with a woot off

These are fantastic for around the pool, on boats, or anywhere else you want a wine glass without the glass.

Their website says eventually they will deteriorate & should be recycled as 1’s. How long have you been using yours & have you seen any deterioration yet? Any other info from users would be welcome. I’m tired of drinking wine out of Tervis Tumblers outside! And we drink alot of wine outside . . . OK, not so much in the winter –

Looks a lot like my Reidel O series of stemless crystal, minus the thumbrest. Hah, they might be good for backups for the holidays. In for a set or two.

Anyone from the NYCrew wanna split a few sets? I’ve been meaning to pick up some more (only have the 1 I got at the first Sip-n-Sail) but the price for just 1 set isn’t much of a value compared to what we paid originally.

The thumb-notches are great not just for comfort of holding the glasses, but if you fill the cup just to the middle of the notch, it’s the perfect size pour.

We use these on the Sip and Sail every year. These are a must buy.
The aromatics shine through despite the fact these are not glass.
Each glass is usually priced at around $4 each so this is a fantastic buy.

Bleh, if I want body-temperature wine I’ll store my bottles in the sun-room. There is a reason they invented stemware. Pass

Watch out – these say handwash but then suggest you may be able to dishwash them. If you use heat-dry, they will melt. If you enjoy melted wine glasses, however, go for it! (Hot water may also melt them depending on how hot your dishwasher gets)

Edit: If you like doing science experiments on things, if you put hot water in it, you can probably shape it into a cool shape.

We have four of these we got at the first Sip & Sail in 2009 and have been using them fairly regularly since. SWMBO and I have been very happy with them.

They’re definitely a great improvement over the alternative forms of plastic wine glasses - especially good on a boat or for picnics. We’ve not seen any deterioration, but I’s guess a couple of years use would be the maximum.

Were those notches there to begin with, or did the Incredible Hulk drink from them?

It might be harder to spill this after you’ve had a few. :wink:

I’d be interested. :smiley:

Portland area people these are perfect to sneak into Cinetopia and booze it up on the cheap.

Thanks for the input – I’m kind of gun-shy on these kinds of glasses – Last year I ordered a set of 8 Pinot glasses that were advertised as “shatter resistant” from Wine Enthusiast, and yes, 2 arrived shattered, even though they were well packaged. And, we have managed to break another one in the last 11 months.

Since these are a true polymer, instead of a specially tempered or treated glass, I would assume that chance of breakage would be significantly less - though yes, I have managed to break a Tervis Tumbler while drinking wine outside. Don’t ask . . .

I have 4 of these, and they’re great – especially for those of us who have small hands and struggle a bit with the Riedel stemless glasses. However, I would recommend hand-washing. We tried the dishwasher once, and one of them is now deformed.

We have a motorhome & vacation property with an outdoor kitchen… I keep getting scolded for buying glasses with stems, this is perfect!

HELP - Friend wants to buy some Vinturi Wine Aerators for her dad. Anyone remember the last price here on WW? I thold her to hang on a little longer in case they show up here during gift week. Thanks.

They usually go for $23.99 + $5 shipping, I believe. Here’s the thread from last Dec, though I know there have been others since then.

EDIT: Here’s the one from September when it was $21.99. They show up in just about every woot-off also.