Govino-Go Anywhere Elegant Shatterproof Wine Vessel - 8 Pack

Govino-Go Anywhere Elegant Shatterproof Wine Vessel - 8 Pack
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GIFTING: Available
CONDITION: Shatterproof
PRODUCT: 8 Govino-Go Anywhere Elegant Shatterproof Wine Vessel

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These are great for places you don’t want to take glass glasses. Don’t put them in the dishwasher though, or you’ll have warped vino vessels.

It’s wine time :slight_smile:

These are good, very light and feel like proper glasses for drinking even though they’re light light plastic. Even rpm likes them.

But don’t dishwash them, as apparently they will go funny.

Do I smell paint again? I really don’t want to watch this dry…

I have VERY warm hands, and I’m thinking using these would really warm up wine on me…I always hold my glass by the stem to avoid that.

I’ve had these a couple of years now. I find them very useful for out of doors and picnics. Nothing better for a summer concert picnic …

Definitely worth having a half-dozen or a dozen for all contingencies.

On a semi-related note, deals.woot shows Riedel magnum glasses at Amazon, 8 for $52.

For the situations we use glasses like this it is perfectly acceptable to place an ice cube in your glass if the wine is getting too warm. Helps keep you hydrated by the pool, on the beach or in the boat! These glasses are ideal for typical summer time Woot Cellars offerings, or other equally quaffable vino.

Made it linky for ya.

Is this a good deal?

Maybe that’s why Italians drink Reds out of tumbler, to keep em warm! :wink:

Stems will break in transit. It’s up to you vis a vis the tradeoff… you can use napkins, a handy leaf or something i tyou like. Or hold the receptacle lightly with two or three fingertips, like a dainty lady!

Also, this plastic, even if flexithin, probably conducts heat less well than glass, so helping your cause.

Doesn’t seem like all that much of a deal.

23.90 with shipping on the manufacturer’s website.

Two 4-pack totes includes 8 glasses shipped UPS $23.90

Edit: yep, what johnmarshall178 said.

Crate & Barrel sells stemless wine glasses (real glass) for 2.50 each so $20 for 8. I think I’ll get 6. The fits-in-dishwasher/not as easy to tip over is what I’m looking for… not unbreakableness. Though the thumb notch is cool…

I bought two packs of these during a previous Woot and was really disappointed. They are flexible plastic and feel cheap. But they are cheap, so I guess that’s what I should have expected…

Got the husband a set of 4 for the holidays, he likes 'em - used them mainly when he’s grilling, as several glass glasses have fallen victim to the patio and these just bounce. Fit for purpose, and in for a set so we are ready for outdoor gatherings when it warms up!

I thought these glasses would be great for a dinner out on the patio, but plastic solo cups are nicer than these things. The edges of the lip are rough and they’re so thin they don’t keep drinks very cold or warm for very long. Then I decided to give the extra set to my daughter for her college parties, and she didn’t want them, which says a lot.

These work awesome for camping or picnics as others have said. I actually like the fact they are flexible as it allows you to push down on the lid in the camping bin and not worry about them breaking or crushing something else!

i bought these last time around. don’t do it. don’t be a sucker. they’re just plastic cups that aren’t even THAT durable. save your money. i ended up having to toss mine out.

Hey, who you callin’ a lady? LOL!!! J/K!