Govino-Go Anywhere Elegant Shatterproof Wine Vessel - 8 Pack

Govino-Go Anywhere Elegant Shatterproof Wine Vessel - 8 Pack
$14.99 + $5 shipping
CONDITION: Shatterproof
PRODUCT: 8 Govino-Go Anywhere Elegant Shatterproof Wine Vessel

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These are great.

Hahaha, I really should get these. I’m notorious for breaking every type of glass in the house. I don’t think we have a complete set of anything.

I think this is cheaper than last time. A word of advice, don’t try to put these in the dishwasher… My set of eight became a set of six…

I’m on a woot-off drought. I guess I won’t complain about not spending money. :slight_smile:

Haven’t bought since the Ty PS…

I know some of you love these, but I really need my glasses to have more physical integrity to enjoy wine drinking.

They are great for the accident-prone or the intoxicated wine enthusiast!

If these could be at my place by the 15th, I’d be in for 2!

We bought these glasses to keep in our motorhome. They are great since it’s something that can’t break and doesn’t add weight.

Shatter proof, but not dishwasher proof. Hmm worthless to me…LOL

BPA free. Which is good. Not nesting, which is bad for picnics and cupboards. Good price though

Bought two sets of these in the last woot-off, one for me, one for my sister-in-law. Am keeping both. Perfect for camping, on the boat, in the backyard, any where casual. They are very thin but seem pretty sturdy if not stepped on, etc. Have not used them yet so I have not washed them yet but I suspect they’ll hold up fine. Saw them for double the price in a local wine shop.