govino Go Anywhere Festival Beer Glasses

govino Go Anywhere Festival Beer Glasses
(3) - govino Go Anywhere Festival Beer Glasses, 16 oz, 4-Pack Tote
(4) - govino Go Anywhere Festival Beer Glasses, 16 oz, 4-Pack Tote

Uhhh, that’s not a beer keg in the 5th picture. :wink:

The 5th picture does not necessarily show a water cooler either.

Hand wash and then buff to dry? No thanks, sticking with Solo cups.

How can they call this a glass when it’s a polymer?

After all the wine offers that completely ignore SC as a ship-to state, today I’m offered an empty “glass”.

How fitting.


Hi, In the first picture it says I can get 3 or 4 of these, but on the QTY selection the max I can get is 3.
So confused with all this math so early in the morning.

in options you can get 3 4 packs or 4 4 packs.

then you can get 1, 2, or 3 of those.

so if you choose 4 4 pack and 3 quantity you get 48 glasses*.

  • not actually glass

These are great by the pool, and with the thumb notch totally useable with wet hands. Highly recommended!

South Carolina direct to consumer permits for a winery is:

  1. prohibitively expensive relative to return.
  2. SC does not generate a ton of volume for the winery
  3. the state doesn’t enforce non licensed offenders with any vigor.

it’s not looking good. SC govt needs to make it more user friendly for wineries.

Not double wall? Might as well go with solo cups. The beer museum in Lisbon has truly interesting beer glasses, and they will keep your beer cold.

Like mentioned before, great for by the pool. Also like mentioned in the details, hand wash. They WILL lose their shape in the dishwasher.

Wish I had a pool to sit by and drink beer - I’d probably buy some of these…

O Mam now what, so its 34 or 44? And they are in 4 packs, so like 11 four packs? Nevermind. they are not even glass so I just get the usual red plastic cups.