Gozer the Adorable

If someone asks if you want to be cuddled… YOU SAY YES!!!

And from certain angles, it can look like a S’mores recipe.

So that’s how those critters conquered their Althaiophobia.

Too cute for just one dimension!

Makes me want some hot chocolate.

This just made my childhood a lot cuter ^o^

Who you gonna call?

cpl questions: why is this not offered in a onesie?!?

has anyone bought a sweatshirt recently? do they run true to size, how do they feel?

Remember what happened to Stay Puft without Gozer’s influence? lol

I am the Keymaster.

This one has my vote for cutest shirt ever.

Love it!!!


I have The Online Debate team in a sweatshirt, I went with a 2XL because I like my sweatshirts loose and baggy. I am 5’10" 225 and I could wear the XL with no problem, but I do like the extra X in there for comfort.

I wear the sweatshirt every single day. I work from home and my office is in my basement which gets a little chilly, and it keeps me toasty without being too heavy.

I have no wear marks yet, and it’s soft and comfy, even fresh from the laundry without any fabric softener.

I tried to think of the most harmless thing. Something I loved from my childhood. Something that could never, ever possibly destroy us. Mr. Stay Puft.

I got a random hoodie a month or so back, XL. I order t-shirts 2XL, and should have done the same for the hoodie (I like my sweatshirts loose).

If you like them somewhat fitted, you can probably go with your usual size.

And my wife just watched Ghostbusters for the first time this week… :slight_smile:

So much love for this shirt.

If this were a onesie I’d totally get one for my son.