What does not belong in this picture?

Hint: It has a cute smiley face on it.

I was waiting for the new shirt before I went to sleep, and now I’ll have nightmares. Thanks Woot.

For those who don’t remember:


Someone buy this shirt for Rick Moranis

OK, I get it… but I don’t really get it.

Is this a reference to Donnie Darko?

Edit: I’m an idiot. And not the key master.

Anything for the Gatekeeper and the keymaster!

I ain’t afraid of no ghost t-shirt!

I see the Marshmallow Man.

What a way to start the shirt.woot week…scary and I think the horns might start moving if you stare at the forehead too long.

I really need to learn my 80s. I don’t get this at all.

Ok, maybe I am in the minority, but what the heck is this referencing?

I was going to go get a late night snack, but now I’m not so sure…

My fridge has been making a funny noise lately.

I love it when I can flip over to shirtwoot and hit the buy button with no hesitation. No fancy high concept, no cute animals or dancing inanimate objects. Thank you.

Who is that hanging on the left side?

BUZZZ wrong

You don’t see many cool GB shirts. Instant buy for me.

Oh wow, I don’t think I ever recall there being a Ghostbusters t-shirt on woot before.

I’m totally digging the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man charm/bling thing.

At first I was trying to figure out whether this was a take on the Stone Brewing Co. logo.

Then I got the joke.

I think I prefer it as a beer label.