Ah, got it. Zuul on the left, Gozer (in his 1984 form) on the right. I may need to buy this one.

Ever see a little movie called “Ghostbusters”? Ever hear of a band called Motorhead? This is a mashup and a very clever one at that.

ghostbusters + motorhead

Shirt itself is a take on a famous Motorhead shirt.

For all you that are lost, maybe this will remind you OR add to your confusion…

It makes me very sad that some many people do not understand the reference. Sad enough to cross the streams. Sad enough to not clear my head. Sad enough to just scream, “GET HER!”

I get the reference to Gozer…but Gozer"head"? Ya lost me there. I even googled it just to make sure I wasn’t forgetting something about the movie.

(and if you say it’s because you just see the head on the shirt, that’s kinda crap)

If it wasn’t for randomly tacking on the word, “head,” I’d probably be in for 1.

Ray, when someone asks you if you’re a god, you say “YES”!

You could fry an egg on this shirt!


When theres something strange…

It is a reference to this Motorhead image.

I think I feel a combination sadness/we’ve failed this generation when I see people genuinely asking, “What is this referencing.”

Anyone else with me on this?

He is VIGO!!!

I’m so happy to see a Ghostbusters reference on a woot shirt! Is this the first time there’s been a GB reference on a woot shirt?

heyyyyy I remember this movie!

I believe Zuul took over Dana and then transformed into a terror dog. Gozer was both the one on the left (the Traveler) and right (the Destructor).

Motorhead/Ghostbusters = Awesomesauce.

thought this was a weird play on Motorhead that I didn’t really get until I clicked zoom and saw the Stay Puft marshmallow man. yay Ghostbusters!

(please please please don’t let this be a sign I’m old, I’m only in the early 20s!)

aahhhh, its the devil!