GPS All Over The Map

I currently have a Garmin. I used it for about a week but it is not loud enough for my car and the traffic information is completely useless in our area and it stubbornly insists that its preferred route is the best route, not matter what.

I had previously tried a TomTom. Unfortunately, it wasn’t working properly so I had to return it but it was much louder than the Garmin and it had traffic camera alerts, which is very handy once you realize why it is beeping at you. I will try another TomTom or a Magellan in the future, maybe.

I spent enough time in traffic with the Garmin fuming over the craptastic system that I mentally designed a system to better report real-time traffic information.

Look at the prices on these things now.

I paid 500 for my nuvi back in the day.

The 10" screen is a temptation on the refurb, but honestly, it’s not going to happen. My smartphone GPS is far far too good. Free map updates. Google ones at that.

Just not going to happen.

I recently purchased the lesser model of the Garmin for $109 - a great deal. For $10 more this one has voice commands and blue tooth.

This is my second Nuvi and they are both excellent but…sorry I didn’t wait. This is the one I’d buy if I could.

Cool. I could buy this $69 + $5 shipping refurbished Magellan RoadMate 2136T-LM.

Or I could buy it brand new with free shipping at Amazon for $64.99.

Tell me what I am missing?

All I know is that my TomTom does not EVER ask me to do a U-turn. Stupid software makes me go AROUND the block… super annoying and waste of time, no way to fix that. Also, every time (on the freeway) there is an exit only lane, it says… “stay to the left” wtf? I know, just because it’s a lane that splits off and exits I am not going to take it… that shit gets so annoying that I use it with the volume down, can’t turn off that useless function either. TOM TOM has junky software.

I’ve had several Garmins and recently switched to Tom TOm. Both are better than the expensive OEM Kenwood GPS that came with my Subaru. I found Tom Tom to be the best (of late) when driving down to my sisters house in White Plains. It was also more up to date with NYS maps. YMMV, of course…

I have a Garmin. When I go from my home to the parking location near Newark airport it always tries to take me through the city of Newark. I DON’T WANT TO DRIVE THROUGH NEWARK!!

The amazon model is 4.3", this one is 5"

keep in mind that apple maps is based on Tom Tom.

The Garmin Nuvii is great but the free map updates for life is not what it seems. The updated software wont fit on your devices internal memory (on purpose.) So instead of getting an updated map of the whole US + Canada, you’ll have the option to update to smaller sections of the US or Canada. They claim that you can expand the memory capacity with an SD card. But I found it not to work. I bought my Garmin 3 years ago and nothing has changed since. The Free Updates for Life mean you’ll have to shell out money to buy updates if you want the whole map.

Refurbed Magellan7 inch at Wal-Mart for $99.98. Free ship to store.


Here is a link to the backup camera on Amazon for the same unit.

They are both 4.3":

$69.00 + $5 shipping on Woot for a refurb.

$64.99 and free shipping on Amazon for brand new.

I purchased a magellan roadmate 3065T-LM and do not like the softwear or setup. I have an older tomtom4.3 lifetime traffic and maps. Tomtom far superior than magellan. Maps on tomtom newer and better than the magellan. Anyone want to buy a magellan, sorry I wasted my money.


I’ve owned both a Garmin Nuvi and Magellan Roadmate. The Roadmate is five years newer (purchased from woot two months ago) but I actually prefer the interface from the outdated Garmin. It is intuitive and the Magellan tends to lag a bit, despite a higher level of sophistication from newer technology. If i had my choice, I would go with Garmin.

I’ve used Garmin a lot and TomTom a little. Overall I like the Garmin interface better though sometimes it makes you take several steps to do a simple task. The TomTom can do all the same features I think, but the interface is not intuitive. On a Garmin it might take 30 seconds to make a change, but on a TomTom you might not be able to find the option in the menu. They both had no trouble finding an address and leading you right to it. The Garmin’s POI database was pathetic so I usually use Google on my phone to try to find a place’s address first. If I don’t have signal then I just make do with the Garmin’s database. I didn’t get much experience with the TomTom’s database.

Hey Woot, how about some handheld GPS units? They need love too!

Anyone have exp with any of these units in Ireland?

I’d like to have gps for an upcoming trip and don’t really want to pay for intl data on my iPhone.

Probably not too helpful of a comment but I recently bought a 6 or 7 year old Magellan Roadmate 2200T. I can see from the pics the menu software hasn’t changed much. I got it to verify my odometer since I get paid per mile and my vehicle seemed to have a problem now and then.

My ancient Magellan is pretty capable and gets the job done for what little I need it for. My maps are a bit old but match up for the most part. Updating it even on the original supported operating system doesn’t work though. Magellan seems a bit fussy about providing updated drivers for Windows once the units are only slightly old. But I suppose that’s because I don’t have a lifetime map model.

I’m surprised how well it picks up the satellites. I make little effort to put it near the window and it gets a full read on the satellites even if I tuck it into the passenger hand hold on the inside roof of the car.

Also the battery works excellent for an aged unit as it is. Screen on I think I get 5-6 hours. It has a handy “hold” button which turns off the screen backlight. In that mode, it still barks out turn instructions while tracking the satellites. In hold mode, I’ve gotten 12-14 hours of use.

I’m not sure new units are such a great value. A used smart phone seems the way to go to me. Get the android and software of your choice plus you have a device that can make emergency calls if needed.