GPS Event

Perhaps either Woot or Garmin could explain why one would pay $50 more for one Garmin 5" GPS with lifetime maps over the other Garmin 5" GPS with lifetime maps?

The other also has traffic?

Yes one $129 says “Lifetime Maps & Traffic” the $79 says “Lifetime Maps”

The 56LMT also has more “Features” listed in the included in the software…Quick search, Up ahead, etc.

Is the traffic actually useful? Or does the thing navigate you into traffic and then tell you you are in traffic?

I have one old Garmin unit with traffic serviced by Microsoft. Then MS killed the service and now I’ve got a GPS that I overpaid for. Still annoyed by that.

From what I’m reading, there are two forms of traffic info. Basic traffic I think is delivered over FM radio, is updated roughly every 30 minutes, and only has basic info that is incorporated into the map. The latest is “HD Traffic” which is delivered over satellite radio, is updated about every 5 minutes, and carries more detailed traffic info which is then acted upon accordingly in the mapping.

The traffic can be very useful. On more than one occasion we’ve had our GPS navigate us around traffic situations…saving us hours. In other cases the savings might be a few minutes. It’s always nice to know what’s ahead of you.

I’m just confused why the 2014 CLS doesn’t have an integrated screen for the GPS. You’d think, for a starting MSRP of $66,000 that would be included.