GPS Fit Watch, Black

I own this watch in the black / white color (not being sold here, but same Soleus GPS Fit 1.0) and can say for this price it should be a no brainer if you are interested in a beginner GPS watch.

Accurate, good GPS signal hold (though, like most GPS watches, can take a few minutes to acquire signal), good battery life, and an ability to upload to Strava all help make this a great deal.

This looks like the Soleus 2.0. DcRainmaker’s review:

Since most people don’t have to use the included software (this should upload to Strava/MapMyRun/etc), sub-$40 is a no-brainer, it’s the same price as a (non-GPS) Timex Ironman.

Def not the 2.0, and that is not a bad thing. Note that the 2.0 has three buttons on each side while these do not. The Soleus 2.0 is really the same as a Soleus 1.0 with just a different data connector.

This watch is the Fit 1.0, which was the successor to Soleus’s original line of GPS watches, so it is a newer model.

Your point that this is a no brainer for this price is spot on.

Is there a way to get your GPS coordinates to display on the screen?

Just wondered if you could use it to see where specific landmarks are, i.e. your car, a trailhead, etc.

No, not that type of GPS…

what about does it have voice guidance? or do i have to constantly look at the screen in order to find my way home.

Again, not that kind of GPS. It’s just tracking your distance. So you’ll know you went on a 7.3 mile hike for 4 hours. Not how to get back home through the device. You could load the route into your phone, but if you have your phone, why would you be looking at the watch to figure out where you parked when you could have plotted that on your phone to begin with?

This watch is not for guidance. It is made for tracking where, how far and how fast you have run.

Since it won’t guide me home, I am wondering if it takes elevation into consideration when measuring speed? Looking at using it for skiing, and a 30 deg incline would mean 1/3 of the speed is vertical. Also, how does it determine speed? Averaged over a period of time? Given that one would be skiing in S shaped turn, the bigger the S, the smaller the distance between a straight line drawn between 2 sample points.