GPX 512MB MP3 and WMA Player

GPX 512MB MP3 and WMA Player

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    1 GPX 512MB MP3 and WMA Player MW3825

GPX MW3826 512MB WMA/MP3 Digital Audio Player - $49.99 -
GPX Inc - WMA/MP3 Digital Audio Player 512MB - MW3826 - $62.99 - KEENZO

From Froogle

I wouldn’t pay $10 for that. GPX makes CRAP!!!

where are the freakin podcasts?!!?

this player is a really good price though at frys generic model sells for around 80 buckaroos

MSRP 89.99.

I just bought two ipods, so none for me, but seems like a reasonable price for the item, though I don’t know the quality.

Different brands with better prices. Already have a iriver h10 20gb anyways, so it’s not for me. off to bed, good night woot!

Honda of MP3 players? More like Daewoo.

Not as nice as the RCA Lyra despite the slightly lower price and 512MB onboard storage. The RCA has the FM radio, voice recording, line-in, and a better display. Very disappointed in this woot and especially that there is no woot-off starting tonight. They will probably wait to the middle of the week to start it when we all have to work for a living.

need to post a bigger size for most people to buy… We all want bigger and better… :slight_smile:

I resent the attack on Honda. I love my Honda. and it plays mp3s…way better than this thing can I’m sure.

Chill, I’m pretty sure he takes the weekends off…

more like Yugo !!

Honda !?

This is more like a Daewoo of MP3 player. Even a Korean (whom I was told) wouldn’t consider for one.

Honda of MP3 players? I always thought GPX was the Yugo of anything electronic.

Some Pricing… $50

[Pricegrabber]( ) $50

512mb? cheap though

I just bought two. I had an Ipod shuffle that stopped working after 2 months. Tell me I’m not an idiot. at this point I just want something that plays music while I work out.

Hey! What gives? I had one of these. Played “Kltpzyxpg” on it and it vanished.

so whos going to get a labelmaker tomorrow/next day?
(after their incredibly blatant hint at the end of the description)

Ooo, an MP3 player. Haven’t seen one of those before.

Maybe if we have it play Kltpzyxpg it will go away.