GPX 512MB MP3 and WMA Player

Here is the manufacturers website, check it out.

Keep in mind that this player and the Gpxyzpltk are incompatible.

This is not honda or anything… may be a yugo

Exactly one week ago on 7/16/06 - RCA Lyra MP3 player (RD2312FM) with FM Modulator was a lot better deal !! Bring on an iPOD now…

I don’t know if GPX has gotten better, but that would be basement electronics in the 80’s when Target was the hot ticket store. I remember the tape players being the bottom of the line crap and the sound was even worse.

GPX may be better today, but still don’t them. Yet what do you expect for 30 bucks.

Ok to compare GPX to honda is a sham.

Sony to Honda OK
Toshiba To Nissan OK
Walmart To Sams Club OK
Target to Costco OK

GPX to Kia OK
Sure it will get you there however it is worthless and you never know how long it will last.

Can anyone tell me roughly how many songs this thing can hold? :slight_smile:

Long Ebay link

This looks like the same player only $5 less.

Seems most are saying this is crap. I’m looking for a sub $100 player to use while running. Any recomendations?


Yep, this Woot is Poot, and I was thinking more like the Yugo of electronics. Not even sure I’d trust this thing to just be a memory stick. Come on Woot, give us the Loot, NOT the POOT!!!

GPX… lol :wink: The equivalent of a My First <Electronic of Choice> I’ll stick with my iRiver

A good rule of thumb is 4mb per song. So, 512mb is about 128 songs.

I just have one tiny question…

What is Kltpzyxpg ???

It seems you’ve forgotten the classics. But if you wait long enough, they return.

Dell recently has a price drop on the DJ Ditty from $80 to $40. Its a great secondary MP3 player. 512MB, FM radio, etc…u can’t go wrong.

where did it have that from $29…its $39 from Dell.

GPX is no HONDA more like Hyundai and don’t tell me Hyundai are getting better they are still crap! I.E. Excel !

Repeat after me. They do not do podcasts on weekends.

They do not do podcasts on weekends…

Honda? More like the Kia… I will never buy GPX for as long as I shall live.

I bought the RCA Lyra 256mgs about 4 months ago (added a 1GB SD card). The Lyra has been great as it has withstood 4 months of jogging (with a few falls), weight lifting, commuting, kayaking, etc. It even recovered after it got soaked when I flipped over on my kayak. no joke. And the included FM modulator is a nice capability when I jump in my friends’ cars.

The RCA Lyra is the Military JEEP of MP3 players.

Get the RCA Lyra when it comes around again.

Let me see…when I was a lad, in the 1950’s, (all the trendy people with tatoos can leave now), there was a character in Superman comics (that cost 10 cents, and then jumped to 12 cents), named Mr Mysleplyc (or something like that…just a jumble of consonants)…Anyway, he was a troublemaker from the fourth, or fifth, I can’t remember, dimension…He would raise hell in Metropolis until Superman got him to say his own name backwards, at which point he would become briefly agitated, and then disappear back into his proper dimension…See? I guess he is still around, but I can’t say for sure, since the last time I looked at a current Superman comic the guy looked like someone from the WWF wrestling show, and things were pretty weird by my standards of Truth, Justice, and The American Way. (Of course now, it is not PC to say “the American Way”, so the lame movie substituted the phrase “and all that stuff”)…
But I regress…say it backwards, and it will disappear…I…like this posting if Woot does not approve of it…Maybe I am wrong, in which case I will just fade away like all good old soldiers should…

I got three of them and agree completely!