Graber Cycling Accessories

Anyone buy this last go round? I’m considering it but I want to make sure the quality is decent. I’m tired of stuffing my giant bike into the back of my Explorer.

I wonder if there’s a way to mount the bike rack inside my truck bed so I don’t have to keep laying my bike down in the bed. Anybody have an idea?

If you want JUST the bike trainer, it is $99 on Amazon Prime.

For the truck bed, I use a 4x4 post, cut to fit the bed width. It fits in a cut out in the bed liner on mine. Then screw mount a front fork mount to the 4x4 post. I have two mounts on a compact pickup bed width for two mountain bikes. Works great and the bikes stays upright to prevent banging up the components.

will this work with mountain bikes or is it just for road bikes?

Anyone know if the trainer is compatible with an internal gear hub (Shimano Nexus 8)?

A google search will help you here. Yakima and Thule make truck bed mounts.

Oooh this could be good to use with my oculus rift!

Just gotta mod it a bit so I can turn the front wheel. Hmm