Grace & I 'Press & Preserve' (2)

Grace & I ‘Press & Preserve’ 2-Pack
$34.99 $50.00 30% off List Price
Raspberry & Peach Champagne Preserve, 9 oz.
Choco’Berry Press, 27 oz.


9 ounces! Better be a small party.

Doesn’t a ‘2 Pack’ imply a package of two identical items? Unless this is two of each of the two items shown, this ought to be a ‘Pairing’.
Real purty, tho.

If you believe the “Sofi” awards, they were one of the winners last year:

Hehe, good point. The items are quite different. Perhaps the definition of 2 pack has mysteriously loosened to include simply a package of 2 items.

Hmm, more tempting now, thanks.

Listed for $50…?

This. Mind = Boggled

“Artisan” means the list price has to be higher than all your competitors.

I purchased a set of fruit presses last year and LOVED them so much I bought some presses and preserves directly from them. If you are addicted to fruit as much as I am - this is brilliant. I’m in for one… maybe three.

Their preserves are great with goat cheese on crackers - or just regular cheese and crackers. I eat the fruit presses in slices off the press with wine, or just as a light snack. They keep pretty well if covered.

Also, 9oz. of preserves does go a long way - in my experience, anyway.

The log is made from Kosher ingredients, but it is not kosher certified or is it? (Interesting that it was mentioned in the description, why bother?)

The jelly is not kosher at all, because of the Champlain, correct?

Being a NASFT finalist is a BIG deal. There are thousands of entries for Sofi categories every year and only the best of the best even get recognized…So Congrats to Grace & I for getting to the finals and producing exceptional products!