Graco Head Wise 65 Convertible Car Seat

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Graco Head Wise 65 Convertible Car Seat
Price: $109.99
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Condition: New


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3/16/2015 - $109.99 (Woot-off) - Click To See Discussion (1 comments)

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Morning all! Let’s hear from some folks that have this car seat! Give us some reviews.

What a great car seat, it even has a beer holder. Little Joey will use that!

I guess Graco needs to rustle up some money quick

Y’know, of all the products I would create and market, ANYTHING for kids would be the last on my list.

Never underestimate the power of some kid to take something that appears perfectly safe and find some way to get injured by it.

“Look, little Jimmy is suffocating inside a soap bubble!”

Wooters either don’t have kids or don’t have cars.

Gamers have cars.

[There’s a joke in there somewhere.]

Bought this last month when it was on sale here. After a month worth of use, it’s holding up like new, and really easy to set up and use. Much easier than our Britax in the wife’s car. Never feel like our little man is unsafe in it. GREAT DEAL ON A GREAT, EASY TO USE SEAT!!

Great deal! We have this same seat for our toddler and we’ve been looking to match it for our infant.
Easy to hook up with many adjustable options.
Another big thing to consider: it’s relatively easy to take apart when your kid throws up all over it, easy to clean like new. Way too much experience with that.

This is listed on the 2015 recommended car seats by my two favorite car seat research websites: Car Seats for the Littles and Car-Seat . org.

Graco sells three models that are the same basic seat, the My Size, Fit4Me, Size4Me and Headwise just with different features. I have been keeping an eye out for this as several mommy sorts have recommended it.

Reviews from car seat geek sorts:

Since I drive a compact car and have a husband who gets grumpy about his legroom when riding with us, here’s a great comparison of how seats compare to each other when rear facing as far as front to back space. This seat does pretty well when the head rest isn’t extended which will work great for my not so tall spawn.

We have the my ride 65, which I think is the same version of this car seat. My husband has it rearfacing in his GMC envoy for our almost 1 year old daughter.

I LOVE THIS CAR SEAT. We have our 3 year old son in a graco nautilus, and this seat answers all of the pet peeves I have with that seat- it’s easy to clean. The fabric on the seat and arms covers all the nooks and crannies so crumbs and french fries and pennies can’t fall into the abyss below the seat. It is easy to adjust- you don’t have to take it out and rethread it to adjust the shoulder strap height.

I know that nautilus vs this seat is like apples vs. oranges because the nautilus is exclusively forward facing and coverts to a booster- but if you’re looking for a seat that can be ff or rf with a high weight limit, then this is a solid seat.

The only thing that I’m concerned about, and why I’m not jumping on this now for my daughter to ride rf in, is that it is a bit of a hefty seat and I don’t know how well it would fit in my subaru legacy sedan. Right now we have her rf behind our passenger seat in a safety first onside air, which only goes to 40 lbs so we will need to replace it once she’s ff and I intend to get this seat once we’re at that point.

That would be the old Woot where tech, toys, and general weirdness was the rule.
This is the new Woot…it’s older now and found women…so it’s car seats and water filters now.

Hmm… it says its the Lowell pattern but the 65 doesn’t appear to come in that pattern. So is the color/pattern incorrect or is the 65 really a 70?

[MOD: They’re the same. See my response below.]

We just received this car seat as a gift, not one week ago. So far so good, I have not found anything to complain about. The little one is still not so sure about it, he liked his baby carrier, but, is just too darn heavy to carry around in it.

It does have the better latch connectors on it. They are the buckle style ones which I find much easier to connect and disconnect instead of the old metal clip things.

Similar to this connector…

Unlike this crappy connector…

One of the coolest things that this seat does is that you do not have to remove the shoulder straps and reattach them to adjust the height of the seat back. Most models have multiple slots to put the shoulder straps through, this one you just push the button and adjust to the proper height. You do not even need to remove it from the car.

TL/DR: It is a pretty cool seat.

They’re basically the same. Because of a change in legal standards, Graco had to change the designated weight limit for this car seat, so they also changed the name. The only difference between the two is the weight limit (the Graco 70 has a 70 pound weight limit, and the Graco 65 has a 65 pound weight limit— imagine that!). Other than that, these products are exactly the same.

Bought this last month off Kids.Woot for my giant baby. He loves it. I love it. Nice color. Super easy to adjust the straps to fit the kiddo. And I agree with other comments - the cushions pop right out for an easy clean when you experience a poop-splosion. The material cleaned so well - you can’t even tell it happened!

I am a CPST (car seat tech). These are great seats, and wonderful for extended rear facing. They are among the line of the graco clones out there that are all pretty much the same seat with a few different amenities.

This is a great price, too!

This is basically the same seat as the My Size, not the My Ride. The My Ride has lower limits (outgrown by height very fast) so it will not last as long rear facing as this seat.

How far back is the manufacture date on these car seats? They’re only good for so long…