Graco Head Wise 65 Convertible Car Seat

Graco Rep- It is very well padded and has a removable head and body support just for infants up to 40lbs in the rear facing position. These can be removed when you use the Head Wise 65 forward facing as a Toddler seat

I own this car seat. This has held up well through 22 or so months of daily usage. My only problem? Its soooo heavy, moving it out of your car is a ridiculous venture. Heavy as in its probably 30 pounds. I bought another seat for the babysitters house because of this.

Graco Rep- We hear this alot. The Head Wise 65 actually weighs 20 lbs. But convertible car seats can be a bit bulky getting them in and out of a rear seat of the vehicle. We suggest buying two, one for each car

Question: Is this removable for use in a stroller?

No, only rear facing infant car seats can be use in conjuction with a stroller. But if your family has two cars, you can use the Head Wise 65 in the rear facing infant position in one car and buy a rear facing infant only car seat to use in the other car and with your stroller

thanks for the great info and links!

Don’t forget to tell us how it fits in the (what type of?) car you currently have!

I have a lil Kia Spectra and I’m hesitant since I’m not sure if it will fit. Let me know if you have a sedan, or some small car how smushed up your passenger seat is?!

I still havent received an answer yet. The Headwise 65 doesn’t come in the Lowell pattern… so is the older model Headwise 70?

Graco Rep- The Head Wise 65 in Lowell is the new updated replacement for the Head Wise 70 Lowell. This is due to the newly updated regulations for weight testing on Toddler car seats. All the features are the same for both models. The Head Wise 70 is no longer being produced. I hope this answers your question

Hi Jeff, According to the Graco site, the Headwise 65 comes in tan (Clue), pink (Parade), and green (Lucky). The Lowell (red) style is listed as only a HeadWise 70 cover pattern. Is that an error somewhere? I just would hate to order and have the seat be the older model.

Thanks for any info!

No it is not an error. The Graco web site is updated each quarter. The Head Wise 65 in Lowell was just added and is not listed as of yet. Thanks for bringing this to our attention and I will advise our marketing team to add asap. We have a lot of other new product and fashions that are currently being updated and they will be showing on the website in April

Thank you so much for the info! We’ve always been very happy with Graco customer service, and as a Child Passenger Safety Technician, I love the ease of use and extended rear facing capabilities at an attainable price point.

Edited to add: Happily rear facing at 2.5 years old!

Its a great seat and a great price. I have 2 and they are awesome

Let me know if you need any additional information

She is adorable !

Thank you for the clarification :slight_smile:

what model car is that? thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Is this a Head Wise model your duaghter is sitting in? Hard to tell from the side angle, buit it certainly looks like it

Does Graco sell replacement covers/cushions?

For replacement seat pads, you can contact Graco customer service at 800-345-4109. Please make sure you have the model number and manufacturing date that can be found on the bottom or back of your car seat.