Graco Nautilus PLUS 3-in-1 Car Seat Rust



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Graco Nautilus PLUS 3-in-1 Car Seat Rust
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Reviews over at Bed Bath & Beyond


Is this model post recall? There was a recall due toa defective buckle but the problem was solved. Can anyone confirm?

[MOD: These have the new buckles.]


Not sure but it says it is RUSTY. There, joke over please proceed.


About 3 hours late on this. I just ordered a very similar model from amazon for about $80 more. This is a great deal.


I purchased this the last time Woot had it. I ended up selling it before I even opened it because it does not rear face. I wanna try to keep my son rear facing as long as possible. Waiting for Woot to throw up a rear facing convertible seat now.


Hi, what is the manufacturer date on these?


Never mind, I just saw the date range of 2013-15 in the specs.


Per my conversation at babies r us with a sales associate. All convertible car seats manufactured now a days are all rear facing as well. This is for over 5 years now. Just an FYI

[MOD: This is not a convertible seat. It does not rear face.]


I have this seat for my son. It is not designed to be rear facing. This seat is considered a 3-in-1, not a convertible (despite the fact that it “converts”). I believe you are correct that, by definition, convertible car seats are rear facing or forward facing.


Hope this helps, looks like this model has the improved buckle:


why dont you just cancel your amazon order?


Oh man, thank you so much for posting this! Was literally about to buy it when I read that it’s not meant for rear-facing. Bullet dodged.


This is a 3 in 1 seat not a convertible. 3 in 1 seats are toward facing only.


This seat is a 3 in 1, not convertable. It’s made for smaller kids, who still need the support of a full car seat long after they need to be rear facing (the full 5 point harness, rather than just a high back booster). I had two such kids, and this seat was great. They were willing to sit in it until they were a little more than 5. Highly recommend this for older, smaller kids.


I have 2 of these. My 4 year old and 2.5 year old use them. My 4 year old has 10 more inches to grow before he will be too big to use the harness.

These are great seats! They have little cubbies in the arms for toys and cup holders!

Although you shouldn’t use the seat mat under the beat seat because you might not get a good install.


Morning all. A few things to point out:

This has the new buckle.

As noted by others, this is not a car seat for infants - it does not rear face.

Here’s the manual for it.

It has a nice pic on the front that shows the 3 ways to use it:

Recommended Use

With Built-In Harness:
Weight: 22 to 65 lbs
Height: 27 to 49 inches

Without Built-In Harness:
Weight: 30 to 100 lbs
Height: 38 to 57 inches

Without Built-In Harness and Back Support:
Weight: 40 to 100 lbs
Height: 40 to 57 inches


I’ve got 4 Nautilus Elites (very very similar to this chair), 2 each in my car and my wife’s car. Relatively easy to setup once you know what you’re doing with those LATCH anchors and seemingly very comfortable for my two young boys. Some folks have complained about the relatively upright posture that the seats enforce relative to if a child falls asleep in the chair, but so far hasn’t been much of an issue (maybe the rubber content of my children is just a wee bit higher than average?).