Gradients/Halftones and files

Help! So I’ve finally figured out how to make some passably good halftones. I took a new file in Illustrator CC and created areas of halftone shading from gradients and it looks good.

Then, I re-read the guidelines for the umpteenth time and I’m confused! The guidelines say, I think, if you’re using Illustrator, just keep the gradients and they’ll create halftones should they choose to print the shirt. However, for the thumbnail JPEGs, I need to do the halftones? It seems they just won’t look the same.

Am I reading those instructions correctly?

Do you use illustrator files for the thumb and comp files? In what format?

Also, when mailing woot the illustrator file, do you submit it with all the layers as an .ai file, or do you convert it over to something else?

I’m probably making this more complicated than I should, but I’m trying to not break the rules I didn’t realize I’ve been breaking all along! Little shell-shocked! :confused:

Thanks, all!

Yeah, you’ve basically got it. The preview for derbies need to show the half-tones, and per the instructions, keep the gradients for the final illustrator print file. They can take (and probably prefer) an .ai file with color-separated layers.

Hope that helps!

I think everyone does things differently so you may want to wait for ochopika to chime in on this one. I make my files as print-ready as possible - meaning, I convert my gradients / make my halftones (Though I rarely use them), ensure my six colors are really six colors, delete any extraneous garbage and have my nice and neat illustrator file ready to go (I usually save as an eps).

PS I usually build it all in one layer - so I’m really mean and don’t separate out the color layers. I’m not sure it matters to them, though. I don’t know if they do their separations via layers in Illustrator or not. They might just export them to plates via PDF or use some other software. shrug

You make the thumbnail and comp images using your print file, so if the print file has halftones they’d be in the comp images. Illustrator is terrible at making halftones which is why we say that you don’t have to make them for ai files. If you’ve found an easy way of making them then go ahead and do that.

We do need a color-separated ai or psd file for print, preferably not one with tons and tons of layers. Don’t stress too much about it though, just send the file and we will tell you if it’s really unprintable. It will probably be fine.

It does! Thanks!

Thanks, much! I’m hearing that you’d pretty much prefer a nice Photoshop file as opposed to Illustrator.

New is that each color should be on it’s own layer: am I reading that correctly? I don’t usually separate by color, but rather by pieces comprising the picture; but then I’ve been merging everything into one layer to send the file (without the background color).

For example, on an earlier design a swab on a petri dish was one layer, but with the colors of the cotton/wood/culture. Please confirm that I should be creating layers by color.

Thanks, I truly appreciate the help! I don’t know much about the printing process, and clearly that’s a problem, too!

learning…learning…learning! :slight_smile: