Graduation Gifts

Was interested in the blender but it gets pretty bad reviews over at Amazon…

I’d be pretty upset if I received any of these items as a graduation gift. I didn’t spend an extremely expensive 4 years of my life with no sleep living in a room the size of a shoebox to get a box of silverware or a panini press.

They would make great WEDDING gifts though :slight_smile:

Was there only one set of the Ricci Silverware?!

Possibly. We’ve sold it a few times before so it may have just been moving the last remaining set(s).

The Christmas before graduating high school I received a complete set of luggage. awkward.

Here ya go son, it’s a new car!

Just kidding. it’s just silverware

anyone know how well the lids seal?

They’re good seals. Maybe not if you drop them, but I haven’t tried that.

I just want those cookies.

My Pyrex set arrived short one lid… oddly, just like the photo on the Woot product page, but unlike the description on that page and the box. So it’s really an eighteen piece set.

DOH! I found the other lid. It was tucked down in the side of the package.