Graffiti Art From Banksy

Is there any proof that Banksy has given permission for his art to be reproduced in this way?

Does there need to be?

If you want to pay the artist for their work, yes.

If you want to pay someone who can rip off the artist, no.

Someone please remind me what the barking dog is from

Yup. Totally Agree. Was thinking about getting one, until I read right at the bottom of the description:

“This sale is in no way authorized by the mysterious figure known as Banksy, and these are not official or authorized reproductions. Which makes them, like, “unsanctioned” and “underground” and “cool”, right? Right?”

Not sure if it was put after the question from crazycarl1004, but there it is.

How is it ok to use a living artist’s recent works without their permission? Not cool in my opinion.

Yeah making money by stealing art from a living artist is not cool. I am an artist myself and this appalls me. This crap should be taken down as bootlegs and theft.

Since most of his work is “housed” on public buildings, it would likely be considered graffiti legally, and the original work would be under the jurisdiction of the property owner.

Also, I cannot imagine that someone that wants to be as enigmatic as Banksy would fill out paperwork for copyright protection, hence it is fair game. The main issue for companies would be to make SURE it actually IS a Banksy, as Walmart found out the hard way when they sold T Shirts that were NOT Banksy but were portrayed as such.

I don’t know what British copyright laws are, but I was under the impression that here in the USA, just by creating an original work of art, it is copyrighted.

I could be wrong of course.

I wonder if Banksy would have to reveal who he is if he wanted to protect his rights to these original works of art. Or, perhaps by trying to protect his works of art he would be incriminating himself for having “defaced” someones property?

Broadly speaking, yes.

Yes again–he has the copyright, but to actually pursue a claim under the copyright he would have to register it, and the registration would have to identify the author (or at least one of the authors–so he could still game the system by giving someone co-authorship credit and avoid identifying himself. For that matter, he could just transfer the copyright to someone else outright).

Also yes, if there was no statute of limitations/the period hadn’t run (though considering the value of a Banksy piece, most property owners probably wouldn’t be interested in pursuing a case anyway, and any criminal prosecution seems unlikely as well).

They are missing my favorite Banksy…the little boy holding a bouquet of flowers behind his back and the little girl holding a stick with spikes behind hers, I wanted to get it but missed.