Grail Wars

Beautiful! I’ll wear it with shame! PRIDE! I MEAN PRIDE!!!

That’s no ordinary rabbit … 'tis the most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered thing you ever set eyes on. That rabbit’s got a vicious streak. It’s a killer! He’ll do you up a treat mate! Look. I’m warning you. It’s got huge … very sharp … it can jump a… look at the bones! (Tim the Enchanter)

This is a really, really great design.

On second thought, let’s not go to the Death Star. ‘Tis a sithy place.

Or a sith hole?

lol amazing work!

Fantastic. You’re going to sell a ton of these. Nice to see you back, Travis!

Haha, made my day :slight_smile:

WHAT is your name?

"tis I, Luke Skywalker.

WHAT is your quest?

To destroy the Death Star!

WHAT is the lightspeed of a coconut-laden Millennium Falcon on the Kessel run?

What do you mean? Original release or directors cut?

I don’t know that! AAAAAAHHHhhhhhh… [insert Wilhelm scream]

Congrats Travis, This is amazing!

just got mine and hubby’s t-shirts in the mail and they are awesome. Colors came out bright and no bleed thru of the black shirt. The design is great and I’m sure will be the start of quite a few conversations with those familiar with Monty Python.

Spectacular design and execution

@tgentry - noticed this popped up on Teechip:

Thank you for the heads up, I have passed along to Shirt.Woot. I have found it on a couple of other sites as well :confused:

This is, by far, the best T-Shirt I have ever purchased.

Every time I wear it, I get more compliments than two swallows can carry, even on a line.

I feel like this shirt is my own nerd-dom put into graphic form. Amazing.